Business School Admissions Exams And 8 Ways To Master Them

Business school admissions tests do not have to be overwhelming. Even though you’re probably required to take the GMAT to apply to do a graduate degree in business, it is possible to do well without feeling panic or anxiety. Below are eight tips to help you master your business school admissions exams.

Make Use of Available Resources

There are so many study resources available that will make studying for your business school admissions exam easier. Look into buying different books and study guides, consider a tutor if you think that would help you, and get advice from other people you know who have taken the test before. Even working with your friends who are also taking a business school admissions exam will help, as they might provide you with a study technique that you hadn’t thought of or even considered.

Practice Often and Well in Advance

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you won’t have to study for your business school admissions exam. Even if you managed to get through your undergraduate degree by cramming the night before, know that won’t yield positive results for your GMAT. Book a test well in advance so that you have plenty of time to study and iron out any difficulties. The longer you have to study, the more confident you will become. Additionally, this might mean that you have time to retake the test if need be. Practice a little every day and you will feel prepared, and won’t burn out from studying too hard.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Everyone will find certain sections of their business school admissions exam more challenging than other sections. Don’t think that this puts you at a disadvantage or that you’re not going to do well – everyone finds certain sections of the test difficult and challenging! Studying often will ensure that you identify which section you find most difficult. The trick then is not to shy away from difficult questions. While answering the questions you find easier – and getting them right – feels great, disregarding the challenging questions won’t benefit you in the long run. The more you work on the difficult sections, the more confident you will feel going into the exam.

Start Easy and Work Your Way Up

Your GMAT score will depend on which questions you can get right every time. You will need to work on your exam technique, which means teaching yourself how to answer questions quickly, confidently and correctly. In order to get this skill, start with the easy questions. As your exam technique gets better, then you can begin trying the more difficult questions. As with anything, start easy and then introduce harder material gradually.

Mix Up Your Studying

While using GMAT study books and doing practice tests is a fantastic way to study, don’t make this your only way of studying. Teach yourself to learn to recognize patterns, identify key traits and point out relevant strategies. Doing a business school admissions practice test every day will cause you to feel burned out and exhausted. Take the time to study in a different way, fix any weaknesses you have, and then go back to the books and practice tests.

Don’t Rush Through the GMAT Computer Tutorial

When it comes to the day of your business school admissions test, be sure that you don’t rush through the tutorial that is given on how to use the computer. The GMAT is no longer completed with pen and paper, and is instead a computer-based standardized test. Going through this carefully can help calm jittery nerves, and understanding how everything works will prevent anxiety during the test. You certainly don’t want to panic because you don’t know how to scroll through a long passage of text, just because you rushed through the tutorial!

Be Prepared For Test Day

While preparation begins well in advance, you should also know how to prepare the night before and the day of your exam. The night before your test, try to relax and avoid staying up late and studying. Get a good sleep and be ready for the morning. On the day of the test, dress in layers. You won’t be able to control the temperature of the testing room, so dress so that you can be comfortable. Additionally, feel free to ask for scrap paper to help you come to an answer on any section of the test.

Stop and Think!

Stop and think before you cancel or quit the test. A lot of the time, students will either cancel or quit the test for irrational reasons. While it’s easier said than done, don’t stress about difficult questions and don’t dwell on questions you think you got wrong. Most students end up doing better than they thought they could have, so don’t give up for an irrational reason!

Business school admissions exams are challenging, but with the right preparation you are sure to do well and get into the graduate school of your dreams. Keep these eight tips in mind while you’re studying and there’s no reason to feel anxious. Good luck!

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