Business Tips: Amenities And Colocation Centers

When it comes to choosing a colocation center, many business owners tend to make the mistake of selecting a facility based off price alone. As such, they end up ignoring many factors which should be considered when choosing the best collocation center to meet business needs. Here are a few factors to consider:

  1. The amenities offered by the centers have a direct impact on the company’s efficiency. They save money by offering additional features and do this without increasing the overall pricing of the colocation package.
  2. The security levels of the data colocation center and the different protective measures taken by the vendors in order to protect the database.

Mentioned here is a list of good amenities that should be considered by business users who are on the lookout for good data colocation spaces:

Ease of Access
This is one of the core amenities of any data colocation center. But ironically, it is also one that is very easy to miss as it is not mentioned in the basic specs sheet. Easy access is a must, not only for end users who store data on the colocation center, but also for people who managing the same and for those who will be retrieving and modifying the data as part of technical support. Moreover, ease of access also ensures that a minimal amount of time is wasted in accessing, storing and modifying the data that is stored in the colocation center.

Private Conference Rooms & Workstations
Although workstations are typically included in most colocation packages, private conference rooms are usually not. Most of the vendors charge over and above the basic package prices. Many data colocation center vendors also charge an additional fee for offering highly customizable workstations.

End Note, Small Amenities make a Big Difference
There are many small amenities that are known to make a big difference to people who work at the data colocation center. Facilities like a coffee vending machine, showers and cabinets are known to not only help the personnel working at the data center, but also to increase their overall productivity. This in turn means more returns for the business and its owners in the long run.

When evaluating multiple options for selecting the best data colocation center, the above mentioned facilities and amenities easily tend to get ignored as people focus mainly on the pricing and the technical aspects of the colocation center. However, if one considers the facilities which are offered carefully, it becomes easy to spot the advantages. Also, it requires a certain amount of attention to notice that these amenities are not usually mentioned on the spec sheet. Need be, users should ask for the sheet from the vendors as it will certainly add to the returns that they will get from the Houston colocation centers.

Neal Cunningham writes articles about colocation and data centers in the Houston area.  He believes that Houston Cololation is a wise choice for many businesses. Neal believes companies should always think about customizable solutions that are tailored to meet their needs.

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