Buying A Townhouse: Get The Same Standard Of Living As A Single Family House For Less

Living in a townhouse is not for everybody, but it also preferred by many who shun away from single homes or condos. Most of the time, the option of investing in townhouses is ignored because of its design being attached or de-attached housing properties that form a cluster of homes sharing common grounds. However, they do offer private entrances per home that can be accessed directly from a courtyard area or street, while offering one or more level of living space based on models to suit people’s needs. If you are looking for a new home that is affordable yet convenient for your family, you can consider investing in a townhome after understanding what it has to offer.

The Cost

Townhomes are generally more affordable compared to single family homes and even condos. They are well suited for those just starting a family and are on a budget. As such, you can consider investing in a townhouse as a transition home until you are able to save up to purchase a single family home. This type of home is ideal if you have young children or are expecting a baby, as raising children in a condo is not always safe and practical.

Maintenance And Repairs

Since townhouses share common areas you need not have to worry about expensive maintenance and repair costs. These are usually shared between owners and a property management often handles maintenance and repair concerns. When you opt to live in a townhouse, all you need to worry about regarding maintenance and repairs is within your own living space, unlike when living in a single family house, you will need to shell out on all the expenses.

Design And Structure

Unlike the misconception that all townhouses have the same design and structure, each living space will have its own design based on the chosen model. This allows buyers to select a home according to their needs, such as multiple levels, more rooms, vaulted ceilings, skylights and the like. This is something you will not be able to enjoy in a condo unit. You will also notice that these homes are spacious just like single family homes offering you comfort and space to move about in.


Forget the need to ride elevators or climb stairs to reach your home, because townhouses will have its own private entrances along with street parking. Just like single family homes, you can leave and come back home without meeting anyone in the hallway or having trouble having appliances delivered and brought to your home. It also allows you to have your own address and entertain visitors easily.

Your Yard

Depending on the type of townhouse you may be investing in, you can enjoy natural outdoor spaces such as gardens, yards and even patios on your roof. The accessibility of trees, plants and grass allows your family to relax and even entertain guests outdoors. In fact, you can even enjoy a day of barbecuing with friends and neighbors, or simply pass time gardening.

The Flaw

A common problem many have with townhouses is the noise as the homes are structured close to one another or share walls. Though it is rare that you may hear every single conversation next door, you will be able to hear certain noises such as something being dropped on the floor or banging on the walls. You may have to deal with music blaring or children being rowdy, but these are minor issues that can always be dealt with civilly.

Choosing a new home for your family may be difficult, but if you are on a budget and still want to enjoy the perks of living in a home similar to that of a single family house, then a townhouse is something you must consider. There are various neighborhoods offering ideal townhomes and all you have to do is select a model and location that will suit your budget, family’s needs and lifestyle.

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