Call Sheet App Makes Light Work Out Of A Day’s Shoot

Making Call Sheet Organization a Snap

When a movie or TV show is in production, a call sheet is typically printed each day giving the details of the day’s shoot. Generally speaking, a call sheet looks much like a template where scene and cast information is printed and hand distributed to all members of the cast and crew. This process can be a laborious process, but with the introduction and utilization of a call sheet app for mobile devices, this vital part of movie making and TV production has become an easy task — thanks to clever software developers.

Easy Updates and Distribution

A manual method of organizing information on a call sheet can be a nightmare. When there is a change in cast members, location of a scene or merely a weather related emergency, changing call sheets and redistributing them is nearly impossible and causes unnecessary delays in production. With a call sheet iPhone app or a call sheet android app available for crew and cast members’ mobile devices, transmission of changes and updates to call sheets can be accomplished quickly. Information is transmitted flawlessly by synching to all devices without the need to print call sheets again. It also eliminates the worry that someone is overlooked from the distribution list.

Additional Features to Supplement Call Sheet Organization

With the use of a call street app loaded with helpful features, cast and crew can access and receive call sheet information on their mobile devices, as well as on laptops, iPads, and tablets from wherever they are. A call sheet app can also be a valuable instrument for call sheet organization. For instance, the doddleme call sheet app has a range of features that offers numerous unique capabilities. One feature allows designating exact locations for hard to pinpoint positions for shoots in geographical areas like a beach or on top of a mountain. Doddleme call sheet app also allows cast and crew to attach notes to call sheets or send messages for one crew member or all of them. The ability to add in photos from a storyboard or from the shooting location will facilitate cast members’ ability to visualize scenes before they arrive on the set. Even if some of the crew or cast don’t have the doddleme call sheet app, they can still be emailed a call sheet in pdf file format – so they receive a call sheet copy too.

Easy Tracking Report

The doddleme call sheet app is a great tool for keeping your movie on track, along with keeping your cast and crew up to date with any possible change in schedule. The delivery of call sheets to all actors and crew can even be tracked in a delivery report, so you know who has been reached or not.

No matter where a cast or crew member is, they will be easily connected to their movie or TV production call sheet information. They will be in the loop at all times, privy to current details and changes that apply to directors, cast and crew members, makeup artists, grips, cameras, props, shoot location, impending weather and other information.

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