Can Modern Cars Be Hacked?

There will always be a downside of any solution. And our Internet-connected lifestyle is no exception. With the bits of personal information data whatever we access online can be potentially viewed by others, without our knowledge, leave alone our consent. By the time we set out to protect ourselves, it might be too late. Starting with the hacking of our computer to our connected devices, it can reach our bank accounts and now even our properties, including our car. As learnt from a car security expert of the Riverside Mazda dealership, no amount of security system can assure us of any full-proof protection, be it a software or a camera sensor. Still, we can only depend upon the technological support as, no other system could prove to be at least this much effective.

Threat for Your car

Now that even our cars are being connected to our online profile, they too get enlisted among the list of vulnerable things of our life that can be hacked. Recent research has showed how a vehicle can be hacked remotely, making the driver lose control on the essential functionalities like braking and steering. Though automakers are trying their best to save their consumers from being manipulated by hackers, the result is yet not satisfying.

If that scares you then here are few basic facts that would help you get more hold on such situations.

How Common are the Incidents of Car Hacking

When we asked a renowned automotive software engineer, a car security researcher and analyst about car hacking, what they came up with was a bit surprising. According to them, though cars are equally vulnerable as any other internet connected device, the surrounding car hacking topic are actually more of a hype than reality in the current scenario, as per the recent news reports.

Unfortunately Remote Hacks Are Logically Possible

Researches and experiments by different professional hackers have shown that it is not an impossible proposition to take control of the primary functionality of a car like brakes, acceleration and other critical systems. They further add that it is even possible to gain access to a vehicle’s electronics section through CD players, Bluetooth connectivity and cellular radio. So we cannot just ignore the worry out of our mind.

Isolation Critical Safety Systems

The next thing regarding car hacking we need to know is, even if a hacker gains access to a vehicle through hard-wiring, with the help of OBD-II port or wirelessly, the electrical system of a car is designed to prevent such breaching of its critical systems. According to an auto expert of the Riverside Mazda dealer, the electronic architecture of today’s cars would be exceptionally difficult as in these recent cars the critical safety components like the brakes, engine and the powertrain are kept isolated. Thus they don’t affect each other, in case one of these get accessed by hackers.

The Motive Is of No Profit

The good news for those who are concerned about car hacking, is that, till now, the hackers don’t see much profit in hacking a car, as apart from a few driving manipulations, they cannot do anything else.

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