Can Telephone Box Advertising Be Beneficial?

It is very important to be able to reach the right kind of audience you need when you are advertising a product, whatever it may be. It could also certainly be said that having a distinct level of control over the way that the message is put out there is another crucial part of the whole process. This particular idea is strongly linked to the method of advertising you choose and one such example is using a telephone box. Of course there are certain connotations that can come with using such a method to tout your service but with specific regard to the posters that are seen covering numerous telephone box windows wherever you go there are most definitely some good points.

Capturing attention
Perhaps the most unique quality of a telephone box in an advertising sense is the fact that it is an enclosed space. This means that any advertisement is guaranteed to be particularly effective at grabbing the attention of an audience. Those who walk past a phone box are likely to be drawn to the advert that is in the window and this is all the more true if they need to go inside. By placing your advert in a telephone box there is a high probability that it will be seen so that is a huge angle covered. The content of the advert is then all-important with regard to how effective and engaging your audience are likely to find it.

Choice of placement
Tailored forms of advertising are being used more and more and although the telephone box ad method is not as advanced as some other examples there is still an opportunity to target the audience that you are specifically looking for. A good example to think of is a film poster that you can find close to a cinema. Thinking carefully about your audience’s habits is fundamental to advertising and when it comes to using a telephone box you are able to have more targeted campaigns. Phone boxes are often found in the street close to where shops are located and this allows your message to have a considerable influence on customers as a result.

Further control
There is a lot of ease that is associated with a telephone box advert and certainly much more than if you were to choose the billboard method. It is easy for your ad to be put up and taken down which makes it a more cost-effective way to target the consumer.

Article written by Jason Maynard on behalf of the outdoor advertising provider who offer billboards, phonebox and bus stop ads.

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