Can You Dye Your Hair Red Without Chemicals?

Up until the start of the 20th century, all hair dye and associated hair colouring products were created from a massive variety of different herbal and natural substances. That was until the creation of what turned out to be the first relatively safe commercial hair dye products in 1909, thanks to the French chemistry expert Eugene Schuller.

While other chemists decided not to bother examining how to create a more stable type of hair dye, claiming it was an inefficient and useless use of their time, Schuller’s creation was based on the chemical paraphenylenediamine, which helped him create a company which is known today as hair dye giant L’Oreal.

What’s Wrong With Chemical Hair Dye?

The problem that has arisen steadily over the years, though, is the damage that chemical hair dyes cause to the hair, particularly in long term users. While red hair dye is not unique in causing this damage, it is a colour with growing popularity, and therefore the chemicals including in it are being analysed much more closely than in previous generations.

There are two main chemicals with are involved in any permanent colouring process, which is defined as a colour which will last for more than 12 shampoos. Hydrogen peroxide is the chemical which helps begin the process of forming the colour on the hair, and also helps to make sure that the colour stays brighter for longer. However, the stronger this ingredient, the more sulphur is removed from the natural hair, causing it to lose volume and become dry.

Ammonia is an alkaline which helps the bleaching or lightening process. It is a catalyst to encourage the development of the colour when it forms with the peroxide. While it is not as harmful as was once thought, ammonia is a part of the chemical system of hair colouring and should therefore be viewed as part of the problem.

Is There A Way To Colour Without Chemicals?

So, what’s the solution to dyeing your hair red without the chemicals? Is it even possible?Red Hair Dye

The trick is to find a good PPD free red hair dye, which is just as good as the more powerful, chemically enhanced versions but does not cause the same amount of damage to the scalp or hair. A great example of this type of hair colouring are the Manic Panic and La Riche Directions ranges, which provide a massive variety of bright colours, which although only semi permanent, do a great job of colouring without chemicals.

This is great news for fans of bright red hair colours, who aren’t big fans of chemical ingredients in their hair dyes, and this has no doubt helped the success of these two famous colouring brands.

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