Careers With A Theology Degree

A college degree can open a lot of great career options for you in life. That being said you need to figure out what to major in and what kind of jobs are available with a given degree. It isn’t always an easy choice and you need to put some thought into it. Doing some research can help as well. We have looked at careers with various different degrees. Today let’s look at jobs with a degree in theology.

Students who are religious or interested in biblical studies or religion may find a degree in practical theology available. Practical theology deals with the application or practice of religion in everyday life. This is not to be confused with a seminary degree and if you belong to a particular denomination then may want to attend a school specifically in that denomination. This degree is sometime called a degree in divinity or even religious studies depending on where you attend. Still, for a bachelor’s degree practical theology or religious studies can be useful. Here are some possibilities.

If you are looking to join the ranks of the clergy then you will most likely need a degree in theology. Most churches require some sort of training degree before they allow a minister to be “ordained” into the ministry. One of the focuses of this degree also concerns pastoral care and administration. This being said, if you want to belong to a specific denomination they often require you to attend certain schools. For example if you wanted to serve a Baptist Church you would most likely need to attend a Baptist school or seminary.

While this could fall under the label of clergy it is a very specific role and generally doesn’t require you to attend a specific denomination or seminary. A chaplain is a minister dedicated to pastoral care and counseling of people in specific walks of life not affiliated with a church. Hospitals hire chaplains to attend to patients spiritual needs and encourage them along the way.  Other groups that hire chaplains also include the military, hospices, nursing homes, colleges and even the senate and sports teams.   You may also be asked to conduct funerals, Sunday chapels or other such services.

Mission Work
A bachelor of theology/divinity is also a good degree to prepare you for mission work. This can involve starting your own organization but more likely than not you would work for an already established organization. You could work domestically or overseas. This degree also teaches the administrative and managerial skills needed to do so. Depending on what you aspire to do you may need additional training, for instance if you go overseas you may need language training.  Anthropology is also a useful minor if you plan on going overseas.

Don’t get this degree if you want to make money. Most of this jobs are done out of service for a higher cause and not for the paycheck. They are a labor of love. That being said, most people in these fields find it to be very rewarding. Check with available online masters degrees for available courses work.

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