Carpet Makeovers Without The Hassle

The Other Red Wine Headache
We all know the feeling and the unique smell of a brand new fitted carpet. It is warm and soft and we love walking bare foot across it for the first few weeks. We are careful not to spill food or drink on it but over time the colour starts to fade, the fibres compact and walking on it doesn’t feel quite that pleasurable any more. However unfortunately, we start to spill things on it. Water, juice, tea, coffee, takeaways and red wine and a multitude of other substances can all make our carpets look unpleasant and sometimes causes damage. Wine stains and curry sauce are the most difficult substances to remove from a carpet and when built up over years, your carpet will tend to look worn, it will lose its pattern and colour and you will consider replacing it long before it needs replacing.

When Your Car Goes Wrong You Don’t Buy a New One!
Nor should you do the same with your carpet which can be just as big an investment as a new car. It might not look its best but similarly, when your clothes get dirty you don’t throw them away, you put them into the laundry basket to be washed. Most of the time, that is all your carpet needs to look, smell and feel new again… a good clean! It will reveal the old pattern, reinvigorate the colours that you thought were lost, remove dirt and grime and make the carpet pleasant to walk on barefoot all over again. If the cleaning process is thorough and the carpet still relatively in its prime, it will feel like having a new carpet without the expense and disruption associated with having a team of fitters in.

Keep Me Clean and I’m Yours Forever
There are many available methods to clean your carpets and in recent years, a number of commercially available devices have made this affordable for the average household. Typically these are shampoo cleaners and steam cleaners. Many people though still prefer to hire the services of professional cleaners as the equipment tends to do a better job than household devices. The cost may be greater in the long term if you have your carpet cleaned regularly but there are significant advantages, as with anything, for calling in the professionals instead of buying equipment to do it yourself. For starters, the professionals will have a better idea what type of cleaning would suit your carpet and the level of staining. They will be able to advise you whether the carpet is so worn that it is damaged to an extent that it would be better in the long run to buy a new one. If this is the case, do consider stain guard treatments to increase the life of your new carpet.

The most common and thorough type of carpet cleaning method is the steam clean. This is where it is most important to ask for professional advice because not all types can be cleaned in this way. A cheaper but less effective alternative is shampooing. Both of these methods take time to dry but there is also a dry-clean method available and you can walk on your carpet immediately after the clean. Researching and taking advice on the correct method for your carpet is essential before either doing it yourself or hiring the professionals.

recommends that you ensure research well the options both on and off line before you select a professional Carpet Cleaning provider. It is important that you understand what types are available and which method suits which fibre types.

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