CCTV Fitted At Work As Property Keeps Going Missing

Set up cameras
If you know that someone at work is stealing from you and your staff members it is a good idea to set up some CCTV cameras to try and catch them out. The cameras are a good investment for your company to make and the cameras will help in many areas of the business. Keeping watch over who is coming and going, if anyone has an accident you can refer to the footage. You will need to inform the staff that the CCTV is being set up, but you do not need to tell them where the cameras are going to be placed and when you are going to put them there. If you can’t stretch to a full CCTV System then perhaps a few hidden or disguised cameras will help to locate the culprit

Who do you suspect?
It is a sad state of affairs to think that one of your staff is stealing not only from you, but from your other staff as well. Some staff members think it is a perk of the job to take stationery or print out the odd bit of homework and use an envelope and a stamp from stationery to post it. This is stealing and a great deal of money is taken from businesses annually by staff who thinks it is OK to raid the stock cupboard. Stealing is not a very sociable thing and stealing from your co-workers is extra rotten. Lockers need to be moved from the separate Men’s and Ladies locker rooms into a communal area where the CCTV will be allowed to film them 24/7.

Get proof
You will need proof to be able to get to the bottom of this. CCTV is the best type of proof. It will show footage that is timed and dated of the culprit taking from co-workers lockers and the stationery cupboard and toilet roll from the bathrooms etc. Of course it will also show if any other items are being stolen from other members of staff. This evidence can be used in court and may lead to a conviction if the amount stolen is serious enough. This could also lead to the person responsible losing their job and possibly struggling to get another. People do not want to work with people who steal and it is hard to lose a reputation like that over night without making any effort to make amends.

Take then to court
Once you have the proof you can take them to court. It is an offence and they can get into a lot of trouble. It is the sort of thing that judges take very seriuosly and it may see you in jail and then with the reputation of a crook it will be hard to get another job. CCTV systems have been helping small companies keep an honest balanced working environment, free from crime no matter how small. It might not be that you wish to prosecute the culprit but the courts take this type of crime very seriously and they will not let people get away with it lightly.

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