Celebrities And Their Insurances: Introducing The Crazies

Celebrities are known for being eccentric and provocative. Famous people get even more publicity with their bizarre insurance policies. They want to insure their money-making assets: legs, voices, hair, or even breasts. These insurance policies would either help them in managing any risk related situations, or simply bring more attention and media exposure.   If you’re Dolly Parton, then the only logical thing you could do is to insure your precious breasts, because that it’s your signature look.

In other cases if a celebrity does not ensure his or her body parts, they ensure their expensive cars, houses and yachts. Let’s go through a list of insured celebrities and their properties:

  • David Beckham

This famous football player owes everything to his legs that are ensured for $70 million. In case he gets any injury on the field his family would not need to worry about medical bills.

  • Heidi Klum

No wonder why Heidi decided to insure her best asset – her legs. A model would not eb a model without long beautiful legs. Heidi’s legs worth $2 million, however, one of her legs is less precious than another as it has a small scar on it.

  • Jennifer Lopez

JLo is not popular because of her voice or acting, it does not seem to matter. She is known as an eccentric celebrity who ensured her booty for $27 million. Even though she says her ‘love don’t cost a thing’ her precious bum might cost a lot. Funny enough, she denies these rumors.

  •  Lindsay Lohan

This wild celebrity has already been involved in various scandals in the past.  Getting a car insurance is not that easy for Lindsay, taking into consideration her bad criminal record and inappropriate behavior.  Lindsay has to pay hundreds of thousands dollars for her car insurance. Some insurance companies even refused to insure her cars due to her accident history.

  • Keith Richards

Rolling Stones guitarists Keith does not have the best manners in the world. He is famous for being rude and sticking out his middle finger. He has done it so many times that he became worried that someone might want to hurt it. He found a solution for this troublesome situation and insured his middle finger for $1.6 million.

  • Gene Simmons

When I say the band KISS, what the first thing that pops into your mind? That’s right, crazy makeup and sticking tongues. Gene Simmons decided to be original and ensured his most precious tongue for $1 million. it seems like a viable source of income for him.

  • David Lee Roth

Some people are just in love with themselves; David is one of them. Who cares about legs and breasts when there is David, who decided to invest into his … hmm … sperm. Even though his band Van Halen is no longer popular, David is eccentric enough to insure his most precious sperm for $1 million. That’s right ladies, he’s waiting for you.

  • Justin Bieber

This teenage icon made a fortune on his sweet records, now he can spend all his money and buy whatever he wants. According to autoinsurance.us, he has to spend over a $1 million a month on insurance for his fancy Lamborghini Gallardo.

This is a guest post by Andras D., an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time media specialist. He currently works on several exciting projects and plans to discover new fields of travel media.

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