Cheap Family Holidays In The UK

Recent surveys show that people are looking for cheap family UK holidays, so the competition for the best holiday spots in that category is heating up. The objective of a cheap holiday for the family is to not burn a hole in your pocket while meeting the goal of enjoying a fantastic holiday. Cheap could mean not booking an expensive holiday weekend at a hotel but using that same number of pounds to reserve an entire week at a less expensive facility.

The first rule for a cheap holiday is to avoid holidays in July and August when the rates for everything is more expensive. Restaurants, hotels and attractions are much cheaper in the off-season.

Hunting for holiday bargains on the Internet can be rewarding. Hotels and airlines have joined together to offer package deals on the Internet that can save you a considerable amount of money by booking online.
By calling a hotel you wish to stay at, holiday packages galore can be found. In London, for example, these packages could include exclusive shopping trips, chauffeur service, deals at five-star restaurants, free spa treatments and discounted theatre tickets. Ask for the concierge when you call. If your holiday budget is limited, call small hotels, bed and breakfast facilities and guest houses. These smaller businesses are always seeking to please guests and build their reputation and brand.

Dining out can consume a considerable amount of your holiday budget. Instead of dining out for dinner at a restaurant, consider taking in lunch instead. The food is similar but the prices for lunch can be half the cost of dinner. Ethnic restaurants may offer cheaper prices than traditional faire. Local fish and chips takeaways will usually offer an abundant amount of food for a family. Try local grocery stores for putting together a fabulous picnic lunch to eat at a park or seashore. Speaking of the seashore, you can land a wonderful fish dinner by meeting a fishing boat at the harbour. The captain will be happy to sell you a bag of fresh fish at a bargain price.

Megatrain recently announced that it’s doubling the number of low-cost seats. Prices start at £1 to £20, with a 50p booking fee. This popular transit option will take your family through cities and towns to drink in the local culture.

Remember to book your reservations early. The best cottages, cabins and campsites are sold out far ahead of the holiday season that runs from July to August. Holiday industry analysts are expecting that the best low-cost lodging will be sold out early this year because UK citizens are opting for cheaper holidays this year. The National Trust allows booking up to two years in advance.

Demand for cottages this year is centered on beaches near Cornwall. A fisherman’s cottage in St. Ives will cost about £1,000 for a week. Family-friendly cottages that feature community amenities like indoor pools are favorite choices and fill up fast.

Family-friendly campsites where you pitch a tent fill up fast months ahead. Cabins on Forestry Commission estates are also hot in Cornwall and are reserved months ahead. Cabins with hot tubs are usually fully booked by the end of January.

Families seeking cheap UK holidays need to move quickly before all the low-cost lodging is booked. Preparing picnic lunches rather than dining out will save pounds. Finally, ask hotels for package deals to meet your holiday budget.

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