Chef Angelo Sosa Making Waves At Las Vegas Restaurant

For those of you who love Asian cuisine, Poppy Den is a highly established restaurant in Las Vegas that is owned and operated by Chef Angelo- and one that you should check out. First and foremost, prepare to experience a wide range of “flavors from the East”. There is never a dull moment and this venue and it can be the perfect getaway spot to take your significant other. In the following sections, we’ll talk more about what Poppy Den has to offer.

Who is Chef Angelo?
Chef Angelo is a highly reputable chef who has opened a number of successful restaurants throughout his career. It was only in 2009 when launched a restaurant called “Xie Xie”. Here, he introduced a variety of Asian dishes and won several awards and accolades for his establishment.  He’s been featured on several different reality T.V. shows including “Chef’Testant” and “Hell’s Kitchen” and has worked with some of the industries most recognized professionals.

Atmosphere and Design
Probably one of the more attractive features about Poppy Den is its unique and attention-grabbing atmosphere. It is very clear that Angelo Sosa went far out of his way to ensure that guests were satisfied with the overall design of the establishment.

The venue is comprised of two separate levels and really exudes a nice, “rustic” feel. The top floor is a den that serves as a cocktail lounge where guests can order delicious cocktails and sip on fine wines. The outside of the new restaurant Las Vegas features a dining room where guests can sit quiet and comfortably as they enjoy their delicious meals.

Meals and Pricing
Realize that you’ll be exposed to a wide range of meal options when you visit Poppy Den. The first meal that you’ll probably feel obligated to try is the “Poppy Burger”. This was hand crafted by Angelo Sosa himself and provides a very unique taste to say the least. You should appreciate the fact that almost all of these meals cost less than $30 and the service you will receive here is unmatchable.

If you’re in Vegas and you’re craving the best Asian food in town then make sure that you swing by Poppy Den. You’ll become addicted to the atmosphere and design of the venue right away and quickly come to the realization that you shouldn’t found this trendy restaurant Las sooner. It’s the perfect place to engage in a romantic getaway and is backed by one of the most popular chefs in the industry, Angelo Sosa.

David G. wrote this review of the Poppy Den in Las Vegas and Chef Angelo Sosa.

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