Chemical Spill Kits: An Absorbing Guide To Safety

Chemical spill kits are used for the safe disposal of chemicals, fuel and oil and offer you the peace of mind that a barrel spillage or leakage can be disposed of securely.

Transporting and storing a chemical safely is essential to the well-being your employees and the protection of the environment. In order to safely store a chemical it is recommended that your barrel is stored atop of a secondary containment product such as a drum spill pallet; these are also known as spill containment pallets or spill containment trays.

Accessorise in Chemical Spill Kit Style
You may wish to consider a few other useful accessories that are currently on the market that will make the process of transporting and storing chemicals on top of your drum spill pallet a little easier.

Firstly, a drum trolley will allow you to transport a barrel from one place to another with relative ease. Secondly, by attaching a bund ramp to your drum spill pallet you will make the manoeuvring of drums on to the top of the drum spill pallet easier and safer for your employees. Finally, if you are storing your barrels in an environment that is prone to rain or a build-up of moisture then it is  recommended that you invest in a cover for your drum spill pallet.

By investing in these three products as well as drum spill pallets you are safeguarding, as much as possible, against the threat of any potential spills or leakages. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts to safely secure your working environment, sometimes barrel spillage or leakage is inevitable and in such an instance it is essential that you also have a chemical spill kit in order to be able to dispose of any excess product that may overflow from the drum spill pallet or leak out of the barrel during transportation.

Get Yourself Chemical Spill Kitted Out
A chemical spill kit will help you to absorb, clean up and dispose of hazardous waste quickly and safely. Chemical spill kits can absorb a wide range of liquids including strong acids whilst protecting your employees from first hand exposure to chemicals. A chemical spill kit will provide you with everything that you need to deal with excess waste; including absorbent socks, gloves and goggles, pillows and pads, disposable bags, caution tape and instructions.

Chemical spill kits are available in a range of sizes, enabling you to guarantee a safe clean up no matter how large or small the spillage; the absorb ion levels of chemical spill kits ranging from 10 – 1200 litres. Mini spill kits and slim fit spill kits can be used in small and narrow areas, whereas a wheelie bin spill kit will help you to clean up larger spills and leaks. Chemical spill kits are also available in the form of shoulder bags, holdalls and buckets for the convenience of your particular working environment.

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