Childrens and the Dentist – Answers you might be looking for?

Dentist-ani-kolleshi-684082-unsplashDental treatment of children is based on trust. Before the first check-up appointment we familiarize your child with the dentist visit in a playful way. We recommend that you also take your child to our practice if you only come for a check-up appointment. Your child will experience that you, too, sit down in the chair as something familiar, so that he / she also wants to try this.

Everything is free of obligation, if it fails, then better next time. This way you can prevent your child from finding a dentist annoying.

At what age does my child go to a dentist for the first check-up?

A timely visit to the dentist is important for everyone’s teeth. Therefore, take your child to the dentist from the age of two for a check-up. Two years is a great age to take your child to your dentist for the first time. This can be combined if you yourself go for a verification visit. Your child can look around in practice at the very first visit. In this way it becomes familiar with the environment and with the employees.

Do I have to prepare my child for the first dental visit?

Prepare your child for the first visit. Tell them that they can go to the dentist. Explain what you can see there, such as a nice chair, a large lamp, and a gentleman or lady in a white coat. Also state that your child may be allowed to sit in that chair for a while. Tell the dentist that he wants to look into his or her mouth this time or the next time, just like you do. Stimulate curiosity. Visiting a dentist is normal and part of it.

What do I tell my child about the dental visit?

You can prepare a child for the dental visit by telling about it in an understandable way. Choose the level that matches your child’s age. Do not tell too many details, but offer a sense of security. Do not start about treatments with a child under the age of four. At the check-up, tell your dentist what your child already knows, for example about brushing your teeth.

How often do I have to go to the dentist with my child?

If you go to the dentist with your child twice a year, this is usually sufficient. He can guide you and your child in the development of healthy teeth and treat your child if necessary.

My child has to go to the dentist. What can I do if I am very reluctant to visit a dentist?

Children are sensitive to negative signals. Certainly for those of their parents. It is therefore important that you are relaxed when you go to the dentist. Then leave your child at home if you need to be treated yourself. That is calmer for you and your child. You can also have your child go to the dentist with another adult. You can also first discuss this with your dentist.

What does the dentist do for small children?

Dental treatment is usually not necessary at the age of two. The dentist checks whether the teeth are in order and mainly provides advice and information. The prevention assistant can also be of service to you and your child. It is checked whether everything is well laid out and teeth counted, this is something that children find exciting enough.

When will the dentist treat my child’s teeth?

The most common problem with milk teeth are holes, also known as caries. They usually start in the molars. Holes that get bigger can cause pain or inflammation. As a result, milk teeth or molars may eventually crumble and damage to permanent teeth may occur. The dentist at newbury park dental office will usually prevent a hole from getting bigger. They can do this by removing the caries (drilling) and filling the tooth. Sometimes the hole is so small that the damage does not continue if you at least take good care of your teeth. In that case experts at Newbury park dental office can refrain from drilling and filling.

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