Choice Of International School In Malaysia

There are several choices for an international boarding school in Malaysia. Some of the schools provided are from the native country of Malaysia. Another type of boarding school offered is a choice of British international school. These schools may offer an education for children whose families are working overseas in Malaysia. Military families may use this type of education for their younger and middle school children. Knowing that there are several choices of boarding school in this region will allow the family to decide which type of school may be best for the children involved.

Subjects taught and other matters

There are several types of subjects that are taught. A boarding school education will allow the study of English, mathematics, biology, chemistry, and physics. Malaysian nationals may have certain other study requirements. Other required subjects may include health and physical education. English is usually required as the teaching language for a boarding school in the area of Malaysia. A student who may be weak in English may be required to attend certain preparatory classes before entering the main school system. A solid grasp of the English language will allow the student to participate in the many school activities.

Progress reports

Progress reports are frequent for each student at the area boarding schools. These reports are usually written, and there are parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of each child. The student’s academic plan may be discussed, and any issues that may need to be addressed will be presented at the parent-teacher meetings. Tutoring is available for those students who may be in need of any assistance with a particular subject.

University attendance after completing middle school and high school is possible. It is a hope that all students who attend a boarding school program will go on to attend any university in the world. Assistance is given to the students who are interested in completing a college application.

Boarding accommodations

Boarding accommodations are within a secure area of the campus. Students are monitored regularly each day, and there are certain restrictions at night in order to keep the boarding students safe. Most pupils share a room with another student in the same school year of study. The rooms are air conditioned and furnished. Each residence hall has a hall monitor who is responsible for the supervision of the children. There is a matron who attends to any student illnesses of a minor mature.

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