Choosing Doors That Complement Your Style

When buying doors, you cannot simply visit a store and buy the first door you see. You need to consider several factors of the door such as the style, the material used, and surface design. You should also think about the purpose and features of the door to see if it would fulfill your needs.

However, before anything else, you have to measure the dimensions of the door space where you intend to install the door. Aside from the length and width of the door itself, you should also determine if you have the room for the door swing. Decide whether you want it to swing to the inside or to the outside. Or perhaps you’d rather have it slide.

To have a more concrete idea, here are some main door styles that you can choose from:

French Doors/French Windows – This door is considered to be the traditional type of double doors. The two door panels are usually lined up with multiple windows that may cover their full length.

French door - french window
These doors are opened through the center where one side of the door remains stationary unless unhinged. Individual pieces of glass are usually set on both panels of the French door to make it more attractive.

Single-Leaf Doors – This is probably the most common type of door used both for residential and industrial buildings. It uses a single panel to cover the entry path and can either open to the left or the right or swing in or out. It would be best to buy a single-leaf door with double bores so that both door handles and bolt locks may be installed.

Double-Leaf Doors – A variation of the single-leaf door, this type uses two adjacent independent panels which are attached through hinges on both sides of the doorway. Also known as double doors, though two separate panels are used, they function as a single unit.

Patio Doors – This type of door looks just like the French doors. The only difference is that there is a stationary mull strip on the center of the two doors. This feature provides more security for the residents of the house since the strip would make it harder for intruders to barge through the doors by force. The only problem with patio doors would be the difficulty of having to move bulky objects through the doors due to the center mull strip.

Dutch Doors/Stable Doors – Unlike the French door and the Patio door, this type of door uses two door panels which are separated in half horizontally. Commonly used for barns or stables, this door allows the animals to be fed without the need of releasing them. Since the doors are divided horizontally, you can open either the top or bottom part of this door.

Triple/Quad Doors – This type may consist of three or four door panels. Some choose to have all panels mobile while others opt to have a few panels remain fixed. When it comes to opening this door, you can choose to have it open like a French door, Patio door, or center hinged.

Sliding Doors – If you don’t have enough room for the door to swing in or out, the sliding door is the best choice for you. This type of door doesn’t require a lot of space and it also offers a lot of space for glass decors. Modern versions of sliding doors have advanced locking systems for more security. When people choose to go with sliding doors, they usually have sliding screens installed as well. With the screens, the doors may be left open without the risk of having insects or animals coming in or out of your house.

After selecting the type of door you want, you have to choose the designs and materials for your main door:

Glass Panels – Before choosing doors with glass panels, you need to ask yourself how valuable privacy is for you. Most doors with glass panels allow people to see the inside of the house even if they stand just a few feet away.

glass panel
You should also take into account the amount of light the glass panels can bring into your house. The glass on your doors may be clear, obscure or patterned.

Window Positioning – Any door type may be attached with windows. You may either have the window positioned above the door or on the side of the door. You may install a movable window for either position to allow better ventilation or vision.

Choosing the Material – The door slab may be made up of different materials. You can choose from wood, glass, steel, or even fiberglass. Traditional doors are made of wood. Metal or steel doors were introduced for additional security and to lessen the risk of damage. Glass doors are really beautiful to look at but are quite fragile.

There a hundreds of designs that you can choose from for your main door. Spend some time visiting local and online home improvement shops to give you more choices. You don’t have to rush yourself, take your time so you can be sure you get that front door that fits you and your house perfectly.

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