Choosing The Correct Fencing For Your Garden

Choosing the right fence is important because it is going to protect your garden and give you privacy and security. There are so many that you can choose from as well. You can put up a wood fence, iron or wired one. If you are going to go with a wooden fence you’ll have a choice of which woods you would like to use. You can use a wood that would match the outside of your home. You can use the solid woods, the oak or the cherry. You can paint the solid woods whatever colour you’d like or you can leave the wood the colour it is. As the years go by you might want to paint it to make it look new and fresh.

Garden Fencing

There are many fence designs that you can use. You can have the wood close to one another so that no one can look into your garden, and have all the privacy you want or you can put space between the woods so you can look through the fence to see the other side. You’ll need to choose the type of wood you would want. Something natural looking or something you can paint after years of hard winters. Would you want to paint your fence every few years?

If you needed to save money or if you live on a farm you can use the ranch style fencing that would look pretty all around your garden and keep the animals enclosed. This type of fence, the split rail fence, is less expensive but doesn’t go with just any home, its best kept on farms and countryside properties.  Many people will prefer the picket style fences, it’s simple and it’s elegant. It’s not a tall fence and you can look over into your neighbour’s yard to wave hello if you wanted. The woods can be placed close together and look very stylish.

Decide why you need to put up a fence. Is it for privacy or for safety and security? Did you just want a different styled fencing around your garden? Putting up a new fence will add to the value of your home, even if you were to only paint it. Go through magazines or drive around to see what fences others have and choose a fence that you think you would like. Once you have decided on which type of fence you’d like, you have to make sure you can afford it and above all, make sure that it will last you a very long time.

Perhaps a metal fence is something you would prefer. Chain link fencing is something that many people use for safety and security and it’s becoming a popular choice for homeowners. They do come in different colours so you might be able to match your home colour with the fence colour. You can have slats put between the links if privacy is what you want in your garden or leave the fence the way it is for that open feeling. This type of fence is economical and maintenance free.

You might want to choose a PVC or a vinyl fence. Many people are buying this type of fence making it the most popular of fences for the homeowner. The vinyl fence is almost maintenance free. This type of fence won’t need painting. If it does get scratched it’ll seem invisible plus it’s not going to rust and it is a strong flexible fence.

You do have a lot to choose from so look around, take your time and you’ll be sure to find the right fence to place around your garden. Look around online to get ideas of exactly what type of fence you would like because once the decision is made, the fence is yours for a long time.

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