Choosing The Right Moving Service

Moving from one home to another is an exciting task. For an individual, it can be a symbol of freedom and growth, and for a family it is a sign of change and new beginnings. However, despite the excitement, moving can be wearisome and exhausting. Aside from the wrapping and unwrapping of belongings, finding the right moving service can also be a tough job if you are not sure where to start.

moving serviceThe most important consideration when looking for movers and packers is the credibility of the service offered. Since you will be entrusting your prized belongings to this moving company, it is vital that they have a stellar track record. It is important to find a moving service that has no record of theft or losses and who will take care of your belongings. Some offer packages for just moving and others for moving and packing. You may want to self-pack, which can save money but can be more stressful.

Now the question is how do you find a good moving service? Below are some tips you may want to consider when looking for movers to help you move home or relocate.

Take Your Time Choosing a Moving Service

If time permits, do not be in a rush to move your belongings and valuables. If possible, avoid the summer months because this is when most moving is done. Also, take your time to know the different moving services around you. While surfing the internet or scanning the yellow pages can easily give you choices, it is best to consider other moving services that may not be so widely advertised. You may be surprised to see that they have more affordable options. Ideally, two to three months should be enough to get to know your options, get quotations and schedule your big move.

Ask your friends

If you are in such a rush that you no longer have time to explore alternatives, ask for referrals from your friends. Your friends may know about moving services to best avoid and give you good suggestions based on their own experiences. This can really save time and energy by skipping the screening process.

Ask Your Local Government Agencies

Aside from your friends, another credible source is local government agencies. Though they will not give referrals, they usually have a database of accredited movers and packers. You can also verify if your current choices have pending complaints or poor records. This way, you will easily verify which ones to avoid.

Know What You Want

Though the main goal of moving services is to bring your possessions from one place to another, you may need a specialist mover. For instance, some movers and packers specialize in just moving furniture, other movers specialize in moving small and fragile items like vases and artwork.

Decide early on which of the things you will be assigned to the mover and which you will be bringing with you in your car. In this way, you can narrow your choices down depending on what moving services you need.

Be Flexible With Your Moving Expenses

While saving money can sound good, bear in mind that quality moving services usually come at a price. Sometimes, cheap deals and packages can be enticing. However, the service can also be less than satisfactory. These moving packages can also have the lower coverage and limited liability. So when you get your package description or moving quotation, check on the details. You may be paying less, but also getting less.

Finding the right moving service can be a tedious activity. However, if done right and with enthusiasm, you should have no problem at all. Also, avoid being overwhelmed with promo deals, ask questions and tell your moving service exactly how you want things done.

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