Choosing The Right Rangehood For Your Kitchen

Without a rangehood over your cooktop, your kitchen would soon fill with steam, smoke and odours that linger for hours. In fact, without efficient kitchen rangehoods, kitchens are subjected to an average of one gallon litres of cooking fat deposits a year, covering surfaces, walls and ceilings! As well as filtering away nasty fumes, Rangehoods also prevent paint from peeling, walls from collecting layers of greasy residue, and carpets from fading. When it comes to choosing the right one for your kitchen, there are a number of factors to consider.

Fan Power

The bigger the kitchen, the more powerful the extractor fan needs to be to successfully remove all odours, steam and smoke. Look out for the rangehood’s CFM, or cubic feet per minute, which will tell you how much air it can ventilate per minute. For maximum efficiency, rangehoods should have a CFM of at least 500. It’s also important to have a range of fan speeds to suit different types of cooking which have different ventilation requirements. Rangehoods with easily accessed controls allow you to choose different speeds in an instant.


Some rangehoods are incredibly noisy, even on the lowest fan speed. To work out how loud a rangehood’s fan is, look out for its sone rating, the unit for measuring a rangehood fan’s noise. The lower the sone rating, the quieter the fan will be – something that’s particularly important for open plan living areas!


Good lighting is essential, especially when you’re cooking up a masterpiece, and as the hood can often block ceiling lights the rangehood itself needs to be equipped with decent lighting. Opt for halogen lights, installed in all Fisher & Paykel rangehoods, for perfect illumination over the entire cooktop.


Rangehoods have become as much about style as practicality and they can add a wow factor to your kitchen. Many prefer the clean lines and sleek look of brushed stainless steel, a finish common with wall mount range hoods. Probably the most popular type of rangehood, wall mount hoods are directly fixed to the wall, with a visible and stylish chimney and hood. Remember that if your cooktop is on an island in the middle of the room, you’ll need a ceiling-mounted rangehood.


Before you buy a rangehood, it’s important to measure your cooktop or range. The hood width should match that of the cooktop but it should extend approximately three inches beyond each side. When installing it, remember to leave at least 18 inches from the bottom of the hood to the surface of the cooktop.

Our guide helps you to buy a rangehood, essential to eliminate odours which would otherwise linger, and ventilate smoke, steam and grease away from the kitchen.

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