Choosing The Right Removal Company

Moving house is one of the most stressful periods that anyone will ever go through; it takes organisation, time and effort in order to achieve a hassle free move. Moving yourself is even harder as you’re constantly lugging boxes in and out of houses and up and down stairs, the best thing to do – especially if you have valuable items – is to hire a removal company to do it for you. A removal company will take a lot of the burden of moving away from you; you’ll no longer have to worry that people will let you down on the day of your move and they’re not going to help you because, if you choose a reputable company they’ll sort everything out for you.

Before you decide on a removal company make sure you get a few quotes from a number of companies to ensure you’re getting a good deal. You should start arranging quotes and then book your company a long time before you need them – this is not a job that can be left to the last minute. Some removal companies will also offer a packing service taking another weight off your mind. You need time to prepare a removal company, you need to find a date that’s suitable for the both of you and the quotation process can sometimes take a couple of weeks.

It’s important that you plan ahead when it comes to moving house; once you know that the house is yours it’s important that you give the removal company as much information as you can. You should give them detail about the layout of your new home; inform them of all of the access points and how many flights of stairs they’ll be climbing. This means that the company have time to prepare and can therefore send the best people for the job.

Insurance is extremely important when moving house. If your property is damaged or broken you want to be sure that you can get it replaced so it’s important to find out if your home contents insurance will cover your property while it is being moved. Most insurance companies should also provide you with moving insurance while your property is in their care; if they don’t provide this then it’s not advisable to move with them.

Make sure you check out the companies that you get quotes from. Beware of the cowboys and make sure they’re registered with the British Association of Removers; this could potentially save you a lot of money. Another way to find a good company is to ask friends and family for recommendations of companies that they’ve used as they’ll only recommend people that have given them a good service.

Hazel Jones shares her knowledge on removals, writing on behalf of WH Cox Removals Company

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