Christmas In Your Caravan

If someone was to say to you that they were taking their family away for Christmas and spending it in their caravan, at first you might think they were a little bit mad. It may not seem like the ideal time to hook up your caravan and head off to into the countryside at the coldest time of the year with the freezing temperatures and the distinct possibility of snow. However there are a surprising number of hardy caravanners that love to do just that. If you’re one of them we have some top tips to ensure that Christmas 2012 in your caravan is the best yet.

Winter Warmth:

Imagine waking up in your cosy caravan on Christmas morning and peering out the window onto snow covered fields or a frosty beach. It would be quite special as long as your caravan is toasty and warm! So make sure you have plenty of gas to keep your caravan warm and a few extra heaters could be quite beneficial too. Remember to take plenty of warm clothes and extra blankets and duvets to ensure your caravan is as cosy as can be.


Your caravan is your home away from home so make sure you give it a festive look and take your Christmas decorations with you. You could shop around for a mini Christmas tree or even have a full sized or real one and place it outside your caravan. Get plenty of fairy lights to hang up inside and outside; if you can get hold of solar fairy lights you could save a few pennies too. Decorating your caravan is your chance to create your own winter wonderland.

Christmas Dinner:

Christmas Dinner can be a nightmare to cook at the best of times so attempting to cook a full Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings in your caravan could be very testing! So you have two options: one is to give it a go anyway, you could cook the turkey at home, carve it up and pop it in the fridge ready for the big day. Prepare all your veg before you go so you just have to cook them on the day… OR you could find a lovely, warm local pub and have your Christmas Dinner there; you won’t even have to worry about the washing up after!


Christmas is sometimes the only time of year you get to spend quality time with your immediate family so make the most of it. You could make it a really traditional Christmas by taking some classic board games like Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

Christmas would not be complete without that great Christmas TV so make sure you take a decent sized TV and get it all hooked up ready for the big day. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if you couldn’t relax and snuggle up around the TV after dinner with all those Christmas specials, old films and of course the Queen’s speech!

So yes Christmas in your Caravan may not be everyone’s cup of tea but for those of you who are planning to brave the winter weather and spend the festive season in a cosy caravan with loved ones have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

This post was written by Meredith Watts on behalf of The Caravan Company, stockers of the largest range of second hand used caravans in the UK.

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