Cleaning Quirks And Oddities From Cultures Around The World

Cleaning is a reality that many of us wouldn’t mind having to worry about. No matter what walk of life you come from or where you live, this necessity is always present. What does differ though is how people go about the duties of cleaning. These are some of the world’s most interesting cleaning-related quirks and customs.

Dish-rinsing – UK
There is a way of washing dishes in much of the UK that baffles some; Many people here do not freshwater-rinse their dishes. In many cases, the dirty, sudsy wash-water is also used for the final “rinse.” Many say this is because of a long tradition of faucets that did not mix temperatures. Others say it’s a preference because it leaves less water spots after drying. You be the judge.

Hygiene by Hose – Malaysia, Indonesia
In several countries including Malaysia and Indonesia, using the public bathroom means using a “squatting toilet.” There is no seat, just a waste-catch on the floor. For self-cleaning though, toilet paper is unheard of. Pick up the bathroom’s hose and spray-off. This self-hygiene method can be quite astonishing to the outsider, but is commonplace here.

Hoodoo Hand-Washing – New Orleans
Hoodoo is a practice of mysticism and alternate beliefs. It is also known as voodoo. Strong believers and practitioners take hand-washing to another level. Regular soap is not believed to carry an y spiritual impact.

Hoodoo belief holds that if you ceremoniously wash your hands in special herbs, there can be great benefits. One desire is to be more lucky with money. To achieve this particular desire, wash hands with cinnamon, moss, and several other specific herbs.

Feng Shui Cleaning – China
Feng Shui is a belief system in which the personal habits and effects of every person can be arranged and maintained so as to create spiritual and worldly harmony. This system was born in China thousands of years ago, but has since found its way into practice throughout the world. In Feng Shui, housekeeping is of immense meaning.

To improve your health and positive energy flow, clean all clutter, especially where it affects walkways. To usher in new beginnings and refresh the home’s energy, bring in three new pots with sprouting plants in them. Also, clean your bathroom and bedroom of any items not used in the last six months. This is believed to promote positive life changes.

Tooth Cleaning and Whitening – Somalia
In Somalia and several other African countries, toothbrushes and floss are not used. A special stick called “Roomay” is used to scrub dirty teeth. If you are concerned with a deeper clean or whitening, here, carefully selected wood-ashes and charcoal are used as an exfoliating tooth-rub.

These are just a few interesting examples of cleaning quirks found around the world. As long as you look into different cultures, you will always find different practices and beliefs on the subject. And chances are, if you are not native to a culture, you will find its cleaning beliefs intriguing at the very least. But no matter how you do it, you are in the company of the entire rest of the world in this never-ending life-necessity.

Kyle Sanders is the content director for Miracle Maids, who provide house cleaning services in Round Rock. When he’s not writing for the web, he enjoys fishing, kayaking, and the occasional craft beer.

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