Clear Skin Tips And Tricks

Clean skin is a billion dollar industry. If that isn’t an indication of the demand for problem free skin, I don’t know what is! Truth is, having clear skin is one of those things almost every one of us dreams of having. While it’s a fact that some people tend to have naturally clear skin due to genetic, other people also do struggle regularly in order to try and achieve a flawless completion. – Regardless of these factors, clear skin is not at all an impossible thing to achieve. Regardless of your skin type, colour or complexion, it’s possible to maintain and achieve problem free skin, all you really need to do is to follow a regular skin care routine, use the right skin care products and eat the right foods.

Having your body in optimum health definitely has an impact on the way your skin looks. If you tend to get stressed often, you’ll notice the effects of the stress on your complexion as you start to break out    due to your pores producing excessive sebum (which in turn clogs your pores and results in pimples).  Having clear skin also has a great impact on your overall appearance and it’s what ultimately makes you look fresh and clean to the world. We do live in a superficial world and people who have clear skin are perceived to be more successful, hygienic and more likely to succeed in life ( I don’t know who comes up with such assumptions but you’d be shocked to discover this assumption is not that  unusual)!

The Best Tips for Problem Free Skin

Clear Skin Tip #1: Be Picky About Your Cosmetic Use
Be very selective about any of the cosmetics you decide to use on your face or your body for that matter. If possible, you can use organic/natural cosmetics that are free of harmful and pore-clogging ingredients. Its true that the foundation may work to give you that ‘airbrushed and flawless’ look, however, most heavy foundations can really clog your pores and cause your skin to break- out. When you absolutely have to wear makeup, make sure that you select from high quality brands with equally high quality ingredients. Any make-up brushes you use need to be cleaned regularly with the appropriate makeup brush sanitizing solution in order to kill any bacteria and thus avoid infections.

Clear Skin Tips #2: Keep it Clean
Keeping your skin clean is one of the most important steps to problem free skin. Many of the pimples, breakouts and other skin infections occur due to oily and dirty skin. It’s very important to keep your skin’s surface clean. If you have oily skin, don’t try to strip your skin of its natural oils by using harsh cleansers and scrubs, this will only lead to the production of more oil, which will then cause breakouts. Always wash your face using a soap free gentle cleansing lotion and whatever you do NEVER go to sleep with your makeup on!  Sleeping with your makeup on may lead to cosmetic induced acne breakout, not to mention a very dirty pillow…YUCK!

Clear Skin Tip #3 Change Your Pillow Case Regularly!

Speaking of pillow cases, always make sure that you wash and change your pillowcase every week. Keep in mind your pillow case has oils transferred from both your face and your hair, also some dead skin (your skin does shed at night believe it or not) and dirt so a pillow case can be very dirty if not changed often.

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