Cocktail Rings – A Top Trend For The Holidays

Each year, certain fashion items stand apart from the crowd as must-have’s for the season. This year, cocktail rings have taken the fashion world by storm, and more people are adding these to their shopping list and gift-giving list as they prepare for the holidays. While many cocktail rings were originally worn only in the formal setting, now women are using them to accessorize even the most casual outfits and wear to work or on the weekends.

The following are some of the hottest ways to wear cocktail rings—the classic yet fashionable piece of jewelry.

1. Floral design
Women love to feel feminine, and there is no better way than through an accessory with a floral design. Now, cocktail rings with a flower shaped stone or flower accents are making women feel beautiful as they wear this eye-catching piece on their hand. This design works for all ages, and it is considered both traditional and modern.

2. Gemstones
Sapphires, emeralds and amethysts are some of the brightest colored stones, so when a cocktail ring uses these bright colors as the primary center of the design, it gets noticed. For a personal touch, choose a gemstone that matches your birthstone, or the birthstone of the person who will be wearing it. For mothers, giving a ring with the birthstones of their children is also especially meaningful and beautiful to wear.

3. Artistic cuts
A ring is no longer a basic piece of jewelry. Now, women are wearing unique designs with artistic cuts of diamonds and bands alike. For example, one look that is being worn by women of all ages is the band that almost extends around the finger, but does not quite end. This unique design adds an eye catching element that women with a passion for being an individual will love to wear.

4. Big shapes
Cocktail rings are often times shaped in a way that is easily identifiable, such as in a heart or star shape. These shapes are usually big and bulky, making them stand out on a person’s hand as a bold accessory. These are fun to wear in more casual settings, and they are usually seen on the hands of younger women.

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