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Carry Motorcycle Insurance

In Colorado, motorcyclists are required to carry motorcycle insurance, as it ensures them protection in the event of an accident or mechanical issue. When motorcycle accidents happen, they are often due to collisions with automobiles or semi trucks, and similar to car accidents, proving who is at fault is essential in whether or not a motorcyclist will be able to file a successful accident claim. If you are a Colorado motorcyclist that finds yourself in a collision with another driver through no fault of your own, there are Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys that can assist you with your claim and help you obtain compensation for your injuries, missed time from work, and damages to your bike.

Proving Fault

Proving fault in any type of auto or motorcycle accident can be difficult at times, so it is important for you to gather as much information as possible immediately after the accident. The first thing you will want to do is contact law enforcement in order to fill out an accident report, and it is always a good idea to have a police officer that can survey the accident scene. If you are injured, you will want to visit the nearest emergency room, even if you are not in a lot of pain, as injuries from accidents can flare up days after initial contact. If at all possible, you will want to take photos of your bike as well as the accident scene, and if your injuries prevent you from doing this, you can ask any witnesses present for their assistance. After you have gone through the process of filing the police report and seeking medical attention, you will want to contact a Colorado motorcycle attorney as soon as possible.

Consulting With a Professional Attorney

It is common for drivers to accuse motorcyclists of “coming from nowhere” in order to avoid admitting they are at fault, and Colorado motorcycle accident attorneys are all too familiar with the variety of excuses that drivers will use. Your accident attorney will assist you by visiting the accident scene, carefully going over your accident report as well as any medical documentation you may have obtained if you sustained injuries as a result of your accident, and they will also interview any witnesses that were present at the time that will be able to speak in your favor. Your accident attorney will assist you in putting together a case that will help prove that the other driver was indeed at fault. It is always a good idea to listen carefully to your attorney and follow their instructions, as they are experts in the area of personal injury and know exactly what to do to assist you in filing a successful claim.

Leave It To The Professionals

While it should seem like a simple task to file a claim after a motorcycle accident takes place, there are a variety of issues that can occur, especially if the other driver is trying to deny that they are at fault. By working with a professional motorcycle accident attorney, you can rest assured that they will work on your behalf to help you obtain the compensation that is rightfully yours.

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