Combat Anxiety And Stress In College

Combat Anxiety and Stress in College

College is exciting. If you enjoy the process, it can be so much fun. But it can also be stressful. From academics and extracurriculars to relationships and career choices, a lot of things can cause anxiety and stress, leaving you frustrated at times.

You might not notice it at first, but stress can and will affect your performance. It might also cloud your judgment and might result to unwanted consequences. What should you do? You have to combat it!

What causes stress in college?
In college, you are thrown into the adult party even before you are ready. There’s no shame in having a hard time coping with all the mature things you have to face. Focusing on your studies while trying to get involved in other activities like organizations and sports can leave you feeling spent. This can stress you out, but you have to deal with it.

So what causes stress?
• Anxiety and stress go hand in hand. If you are anxious and always thinking about excelling in school while keeping it balanced with your extra-curricular activities, or if you don’t think you are meeting the goals you set for yourself, you are always bound to doubt your capabilities. This will stress you out and might even affect your drive to do great.

• Academics is one of the greatest causes of stress while in college. There are just days when you are so swamped with schoolwork that you wouldn’t know which to prioritize. This requires great time management skills, which you work on over time.

• Pressure coming from your peers or family will also cause stress. You might feel like you have to keep up with your friends even though it will compromise your academic performance. Making a choice will frustrate you. You might also feel like you are disappointing your family by not meeting their expectations. You might have different sets of standards and goals, so this will also be a source of anxiety and stress.

• Striking a balance between work and play is also one reason you feel stressed. You want to enjoy all these new experiences that college comes with, but you also want to excel in what you came to university for. Knowing your priorities and not acting on them will leave you feeling anxious.

How do you deal with stress?
There are a lot of ways you can deal with the pressures of college – simple ones that will help you ease up on the anxiety and stress once in a while. This will help you gain focus and perform better, and you will see how relieving stress will benefit you in the long run.

You can start with these:

• Keep your work area clean and neat. Maintain a tight schedule of your study time. Don’t procrastinate because this will surely stress you out. Be sure to prioritize your studies over everything.

• Live healthy! Don’t subsist on canned or processed food and chips every day. Keep a healthy diet so that you wouldn’t have to worry about physical stress. Also, try to exercise. This will help clear your mind once in a while, too.

• Keep a positive attitude. Be optimistic! Change your attitude and you can deal with anxiety and stress better. Always keep your dreams in mind and stay motivated, and you wouldn’t stray far from your goals. You are well on your way to achieve them.

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