Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Wedding Flowers Planning

Wedding is a big day for anyone in the world, and planning ideal floral arrangements can seem really easy on your checklist. However, this is not the scene, at times it gets quite tough to know where to begin. General misconceptions will lead to big mistakes, so I have listed few common mistakes brides usually make when deciding about their wedding flowers. Few mistakes you can avoid:

Common Pitfalls To Avoid While Wedding Flowers Planning

  • Don’t Underestimate Floral Costs: Underestimating the decoration cost is most common mistake done by every bride. Most of the times it is found that brides concentrate on the venue and dress selection, and when it comes to space decoration they start wondering. Ensure you do your research on florist’s rates and so that you can easily manage the quality, costs and other specific expectations. Another important thing, don’t forget about entrance centerpieces they are essential aspect of décor – it’s quite easy to overlook but it will look barren if left unattended. There are other things you can cut down onto, but having quality floral arrangements in budget will help with the success of your overall wedding.

  • Order On Right Time: “Sorry! Your flowers are not available, you are too late” If you don’t want to hear this make sure you order your wedding flowers at least 6 weeks prior of your wedding day. In our present times, most of the flowers are available all year round but few flowers need to be imported if out of season.

  • Re-Use Arrangements To Save A Lot: Reusing the arrangements can sound a bit wired, but doing so will help you to save a lot. The ceremony usually lasts for half an hour and its shame to see so many beautiful flowers being wasted when they could easily be used into reception décor.

  • Getting Too Hung Up on Pinterest: It’s superb to bring pictures which entail your choice of what you would like to see in your wedding. However, asking the florist to get the exact replicas of the flower arrangement is difficult for both of you. Keep in mind that the florists are artists and always want to create something unique and special just for you.

  • Don’t Just Give Importance To Looks :Don’t select flowers just based on the looks. Flowers like lilies have very strong scents and combining it with others scents can be overpowering. So consider all these aspects when designing your wedding flowers.

  • Same Colors – No! No! No! Most common mistakes that brides do, is matching the flowers exactly same as the bridesmaid dress. That’s a big no-no! If the bridesmaids are in orange gown and having orange flowers will look very disappointing in pictures. Flowers when selected with accent color will look great. Just for instance, a lime green color flowers with lavender grown will look best and the make the work easy for the photographs.

  • Be Flexible With Changes : Brides usually desire to have their favorite color flower in their wedding, but at times florists try everything in their power and still they are not able to get the desired flower. So be flexible with them at that time and go for other options. Keep multiple options with you as these will make the process less stressful than one who turns down to compromise.