MacBook Vs MacBook Pro – Comparision


MacBook by Apple has earned an excellent reputation for producing laptops that perform well. The new generation laptops by Apple are known as the MacBook Pro. MacBook Pro has all the similar features of its previous cousin, but it goes beyond with advanced graphics and multiprocessing capabilities. Is the new MacBook Pro necessary? Is it worth some extra bucks? Keep reading this article to find the comparison between MacBook and MacBook Pro.

When comparing MacBook and MacBook Pro side by side, you need to evaluate what your personal objectives are. Are you planning to work your laptop hard with gaming, downloads, graphics and business applications or are you one of those casual users who surf the World Wide Web, sends emails to your nearest and dearest, or you are just another social media thingy? You may need to spend some extra bucks for the advantages of MacBook Pro model and to evaluate what you want in a laptop.

Comparing the Capabilities of Mac with MacBook Pro

Processor speed

This factor is not much significant, because when it is about processing speed, MacBook Pro is slightly faster at processing and loading than the MacBook. However, it is ideal to go for a faster machine. If you don’t have a problem with waiting a couple of seconds watching screen completely uploading than it is wiser decision to save some dollars.


When it is about RAM, the MacBook Pro has much more of it, because it comes with separate memory for its processor and Core system. Standard MacBook draws all its memory from the central system. On the other hand, MacBook Pro has two separate memory banks that make MacBook Pro perfect for people who are serious gamers, who are a frequent user of high-end graphics applications and those who download a lot.


Both of the machines have a vibrant display. When there is a need for advanced graphics, I recommend having a pro version. The graphics card of Pro is upgraded mainly to have an improved resolution. This improve resolution makes your PhotoShop and gaming more crisp, colourful and easy without drawing the speed and memory of the core system.

So, where is the Real Difference?

When it is about the difference between the capabilities of MacBook and MacBook Pro, the real thing dissimilar between both is an upgraded system. MacBook Pro has the same features plus some additional upgraded performance features. Therefore, before deciding a Mac is the ideal machine for you it only depends on how you are planning to use it. Are you just a casual user or do you rely heavily on your system for business purposes or just for fun?

Casual users will be fine with MacBook. While MacBook Pro is geared towards serious computer users, if you play lots of high-end games or your use lots of PhotoShop or other graphics applications it would be worth to spend some more dollars on MacBook Pro. If your only use is net surfing or emailing then, Standard MacBook will be fine.

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