Complementing Physics Lessons Online; NCERT Physics Solutions Class 12

In our current system of education, a child’s intellectual ability is measured using scores that s/he gets in the exams. The eligibility criterion for students is consistently becoming more aggressive, with increasing population and limited infrastructure. As a result, children are put a lot under pressure and they strive each day to showcase themselves better to the society. Children have to work really hard to eventually get a place in the professional world, as a result of the increasing competitions. There are plenty of external coaching and supplementary classes opening up as a result. The students are compelled to attend these classes because of the parent child anxiety.

Added to the pressure of performing well, there is a lack of access to quality academic resources to the students. The government has come up with policies to promote the Right to education as a fundamental right. But, the resources are not enough to implement this. Hence, plenty of online educational sites have been launched to change the present scenario. With the introduction of MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), unlimited numbers of resources are available for students to study online. Innumerable participants are there who are doing the online learning.

Complementing Physics Lessons Online; NCERT Physics Solutions Class 12

Physics is one of the subjects that do not naturally come to a lot of people. Some find the subject fascinating and some say it is not a subject for the average person. It is one of those things only geniuses learn and talk about. But, with the online education, everyone can be at ease with the subject. The great thing about online education is that one can learn almost anything for free. The topics that a person traditionally associates with colleges like MIT, Harvard, Berkley and Stanford, can now be learnt online. And, studies have shown that the online classes can teach as effectively as the traditional brick and mortar classrooms. And, the best part is the students can start with the basic concepts. It is not essential that the students’ needs to have a prior knowledge of the subject. A Researcher from MIT, regarding the online education says, “It is an issue that has been very controversial”. The online learning platform has been called controversial because, many educators and teachers doubt the effectiveness of online study. They doubt if they online programs will be able to impart to the students as much knowledge, as the classrooms do.

Contrary to the belief that these scholars and educators had, here are some of the advantages of learning Physics online:

  • Even the least prepared learn: A surprising finding on online study says that, a person who is least prepared in the subject can also learn via the online courses. The amount of improvement seen in different categories of skilled people did not vary much with respect to the badly prepared people. After a video lecture online, they all showed the same level of increase. There is a substantial increase in the understanding of the subject gained by the student after studying online.
  • Video based online learning: The video lectures including simulations and animations makes learning Physics more interesting, entertaining and responsive. The interactive part of online learning is the video lectures conducted live with the teacher or recorded for future reference. Simultaneously while learning, a student can have a window of e-book open alongside on the screen while attending lectures of different teachers, a scenario similar to that in classrooms. As compared to the previous scenario, online learning has become more students friendly and info-packed.
  • Easily accessible: Classroom learning has a stipulated time of study and teaching. A student cannot land up in the class anytime s/he wants. But, online learning provides an easy access to the students for learning. They can learn anytime, anywhere they want, provided they have good internet connectivity. The students can take lectures anywhere they want.
  • Opportunity to grow: Added to that, technology opens up a window for the person to grow. One builds up the essential soft skills required in the meantime of online learning. Online learning confers a number of benefits.
  • Cost of learning: With online education, the cost of learning and expenses spent on education can also be cut down. Getting enrolled into a top-notch university to study Physics like Harvard, Stanford and many more has its own pros. But, online education also gives the same level of understanding to the students. They can delve deeper into the subjects by researching on various topics they study. Learning Physics any day is affordable online rather than offline.
  • Getting rid of the heavy books: This present generation wants things done faster the short way with the same amount of benefits. Schools are moving from bags full of books to tablets or ultraportable laptops. Carrying a pile of heavy books like Pradeep for Physics, Nootan for Physics can sweat out the students. Availability of these books as e-books and access of them on kindle is a relief that everyone wants. Learning Physics online has replaced the heavy books in the bag with tablets in hand.
  • Finding solutions: The curriculum books do not provide solutions to the complex problems that you find in the book, in your higher secondary classes. Various online sites provide the NCERT physics solutions class 12 as well as for other classes. These solutions are prepared by well-qualified subject matter experts and can be refereed to while solving your hardcore-physics problems.

Learning Physics online offers in-depth high quality interaction, online classes as per convenience, online tutorials etc. The online lectures are given by hired professionals with a vast knowledge of the subject. Do not think that the online study would debar you from availing degree certificates. The good thing is, you won’t fall short of the glory a degree certificate. Just by enrolling for online distance learning, students can acquire certificates and degrees from the most respected universities. So, gear up yourself for a self-paced learning and enhanced understanding of Physics. From the fundamental of Physics to the Higgs boson, get your physics knowledge on with online learning.

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