Considerations When Picking Plants And Containers To Create A Welcoming Entryway

Greens and blooms at an entryway lends a warm welcome to guests and suggest that a warm reception awaits them when they enter the home. They also improve the curb appeal of a house, while reflecting the personality and style of the homeowner. For these reasons and more, it is only suitable to outfit your entryway with container plants to make it all the more welcoming and inviting. However, before you even pick plants and containers for the space, use the considerations written below in order for you to make a foolproof choice.

Period and style of your house

Although you can always work against the architectural style of your house by picking plants and containers that are in contrast to its appearance, it is always safer and easier to just go with the flow. For instance, if you have a cottage-style home, familiar greens and blooms planted in clay pots, and arranged in a symmetrical position will suit the appearance of your house.

On a similar note, when choosing containers, take into account the building materials that were prominently used in the exterior of your home as well as the surrounding hardscapes. For example, the timeless beauty and mellow hues of terra cotta pots blend well with almost any material, but are particularly lovelier and lend more impact to the space when used next to brick or weathered wooden structures. On the other hand, the neutral gray tone of concrete pots can add more definition and interest to the area when laid next to granite.

Scale of the entryway

Entryways differ in sizes, which means you need to give careful though to the scale of your entryway when choosing plants and containers you will accent it with. If your entryway is compact, do not attempt to decorate it with large container plants. Not only will they overwhelm the space, they will also confuse visitors by covering the way to the appropriate door. Instead, choose smaller greens and blooms and plant them in containers, appropriate for their size. Or, to avoid cluttering the floor, consider going for hanging baskets and pack them with a single kind of flower for loads of impact.

Flow of traffic

As the access and egress point of your home, the entryway likely receives a lot of traffic on a daily basis. In such case, you need to select plants and containers that are hardy enough to withstand wear and tear. It would also be wise if you arrange them properly, so that they will not affect the flow of traffic to and fro your house, and prevent them from being trampled upon.

Container plants can be easily placed wherever needed, but it appears that they make for a particularly wonderful and welcoming addition to the entryway. When properly chosen and arranged, container plants can do more than just lead guests to the home’s entrance and exit point. They also create a graceful transition between the house and the outside world, bringing the beauty of the wild right up to the door.

This guest post was written by Ericka for West Lothian based company, Ace Blocks Ericka loves to share tips about gardening and she is also fond of writing helpful content related to home improvement.

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