Construction Site Logistics & Site Management

Effective and efficient construction site logistic strategies can and have saved construction companies vast amounts of money, this in part is due to added efficiency that comes with the management of deliveries in to building sites as well as the planning for waste removal from the site.

Just as important as ensuring swift removal of waste and prompt deliveries of materials is ensuring that your workforce is fully catered for when on site.

Construction Logistics Planning
Construction logistics planning is crucial to managing site waste removal effectively as well as ensuring all deliveries to site are indeed necessary and arrive when your site requires them to .  When it comes to construction logistics planning, there are construction waste work elements that can be applied to a range of different construction projects including:

  • Demolition projects
  • Refurbishment projects
  • New build projects

The levels of material recovery through the use of recycling facilities make a huge difference to the construction industry and the environment.

Construction Site Catering
Construction site catering is a very important aspect to get right when you are planning for a new project. The reasons for providing catering provisions for construction sites is no doubt clear to most but unbelievably it is an area which is regularly poorly accounted for. You must give strong consideration to whether the local area will be able to sufficiently handle the influx of your workers as well as weighing up whether hot & cold food service is essential on site or whether vending machines would suffice.

Waste Management
Good, efficient waste management strategies are crucial not only to a company’s resources and money saving, but also effective waste management services are much more beneficial for the environment we all live in. Below are the main factors for implementing a good, effective waste management strategy: –

  • Waste Recycling – several types of waste recycling, such as, food waste recycling,
  • Hazardous waste
  • Hazardous goods training
  • Hazardous waste registration
  • Packaging waste
  • Battery collection and recycling

If all of the above points are adhered to properly, whatever the industry that you are in, your waste management strategy will not be far off from being very effective and efficient and therefore, saving your company large amounts of money.

Ultimately every job will call for a different solution so consulting a local provider of construction site logistical services would be both beneficial to you and your project but most likely essential as well.

Hard Hat Construction are construction logistics company based in Cheshire, initially just providers of support and security to building sites they have gone on to excel in construction site cleaning and construction site catering as well.

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