Contemporary Interior Design

The Beauty and Grace of Contemporary Interior Design

Not to be confused with modern interior design, contemporary interior design became famous in the last part of the 20th century, as people began looking towards a softer look to the harshness that modern design offered. The result is a look that is full of clean lines and soft focal points that speak of comfort and living in the moment.

What Styles Does Contemporary Interior Design Offer?

For most contemporary interior designers, the look of contemporary design revolves around cleanliness. Design choices incorporate natural elements that are accented with rich and bold color choices. Neutral tones of brown, taupe, cream, and pure white are accented with beautiful colors that are used on single walls or added in as rug choices, accent pieces, and art.

The natural elements of fir, cedar, and stone match perfectly with rich textures and bold accents. The look is all about the basics of line, shape, and form. As contemporary design options change, the look becomes eclectic because elements are often borrowed from different eras.

What are the Key Elements of Contemporary Interior Design?

Most contemporary home interior design concepts are about open plans that work in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape of design elements. Right now, the trends in contemporary interior design are leaning towards eco-friendly elements and sustainable design choices that are good for the environment.

Furniture in this design type is found in light colored pieces. Gone are the bold wood grains of the past. Today’s look is all about as little grain as possible, in woods like maple and birch. Other furniture elements include glass, stainless steel, and chrome.

Fabrics in both furniture and accent pieces are all about rich textures and bold designs. These textures provide a striking contrast to the classically clean lines of the furniture and other elements. The rich feel of the fabrics and textures provides a deeper element to the design.

Accent and art pieces in contemporary interior design revolve around unique pieces that are often one of a kind. Found in odd shapes and unique forms, these elements also provide a nice contrast to the smooth lines of the design. This helps to break up the lines and prevent monotony.

A Design for your Home

If you are looking to design your home or office space with contemporary interior design elements, you can start with a basic color palette and then build on that basic canvas with rich colors that add a unique flavor to the room.

Use Unique and Eclectic Pieces

The beauty of contemporary design allows for unique and eclectic pieces to work harmoniously with the basic and clean feel of the lines of design. This design choice can be expounded upon so it grows with your life. It can start with the very basic and as pieces are added in, it becomes extraordinary. Always remember that this type of design relies heavily on clean lines, so clutter is not permitted or else the space becomes unharmonious. This beautiful look works well in almost any home and will provide years of growth potential as your style needs change.

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