Contentmart – Matching My Needs With Skills

When I first came across Contentmart, I considered it as one of the many freelance portals. The previous experiences with these were hardly motivating and hence, it was with a certain degree of apprehension that I looked upon this all-new portal for Indian content needs.

Contentmart – Matching My Needs With Skills
However, I was pleasantly surprised. The process is very simple and easy. All one had to do is register himself as a client, post the requirement with all the necessary details and wait for someone to respond. Out of sheer curiosity, I placed an order for a job on hand and I was surprised to see the number of responses that came my way in a few hours. Of course, more choices meant difficulty in selecting the writer. But, I would, on any day prefer to have more choices than no choice at all.

Now, the time spent on finding good Freelance Content Writer and great content is much less than what was in the past. As a client, I find that Contentmart is the right place to find the right content.

Here is why I like it better than the other sites offering similar functions:

Simple layout: Everything is simple and clear – right from the login page to the order and balance page. There is no clutter anywhere.

Easy process: The process can be explained as under:

• Sign in with the user name
• Place an order
• Receive bids
• Choose the best bid
• Award the job to the chosen writer
• Allocate the funds
• Receive the work
• Accept the content or ask for revision, if needed
• Accept the final work or reject it if it doesn’t suit the needs
• Make payment
• Receive a rating

Communication: It is possible to communicate with the writer working on our project through the built-in message application. For obvious reasons, communicating outside Contentmart is discouraged.

Deadlines and quality checks: Each order comes with a deadline. If a writer fails to deliver the content within the said deadline, the client can choose not to pay. Likewise, the content is delivered after a plagiarism check, which means that the client will receive only original content.

Few areas of concern: As a client, sometimes you would need to contact the writer for some urgent modifications or instructions pertaining to the content. Although the client can send messages through the messaging system, it is not necessary that the writer see it at once. Thus, there could be a lag in communication at times.

Furthermore, if a writer does not accept an order awarded to him, the offer expires. The client and the writer should be online and in a loop for the smooth functioning of this process. If, for any reason, one of them fails to respond, the entire process may have to be repeated.

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