Cooking With The Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a vaporizer that was developed by a German inventor as a hot air extraction inhaler. This vaporizer is basically a air heating device that is cone shaped and uses the air to extract moisture and contain it. The ingredients used to give up their moisture can be spices, herbs, flowers or plants. The containment is done in a plastic bag also referred to as a pillow. This pillow has a valve that can operated through pressure to release the vapor from the pillow. Chefs have since started using the Volcano vaporizer to extract aroma from spices and herbs that are needed to be added to culinary preparations during cooking.

Molecular Gastronomy Adds Flavor to Cooking

Cooking by modern day chefs uses a lot of technology and science in the kitchen. This molecular gastronomy, as it is referred to, makes full use of scientific inventions and other advances in technology to make the art of cooking into a science. The perception of flavor and taste and the mechanisms of releasing aromas to enhance them is of concern to chefs.

Prime among these recent innovations, is the use of vaporizers to give food its flavor and aroma. Vaporizers help to introduce an aroma to a food slowly. The process of aromatization allows such flavors to be introduced into food, during the cooking, at a very slow pace. This slow pace ensures that the aroma or flavor is never altered during the cooking and retains its effect while the food is being eaten. The vaporizers allow any material that is required for the aroma or flavor to be used.

It is up to the chefs to find the right ones that they need for imparting a special touch to their creations. Because it is only the aromatic vapor that is used, the unpleasant tastes that some spices and herbs have, is totally avoided. Only the aroma of the added ingredient is added.

How is a Volcano Vaporizer Used for Cooking

Many spices and herbs release their aromas only when they are heated or dried. When these are directly added to the food that is being cooked, these herbs and spices get damp and may never reach the right temperature that is needed to release the right amount of aromas and flavors. Cooking of these same herbs and spices also at times impart strong and bitter tastes when they are cooked for long times.

This is where the use of the volcano vaporizer has helped to add flavors and aromas to the food during cooking, without any of the unpleasant effects. What a volcano vaporizer does is that it uses hot air that induces the herb or spice to release its aroma.

The advantage of this volcano vaporizer is that temperatures and hot air volumes can be controlled and regulated to get the maximum effect needed. The aroma vapor released from the ingredient is trapped in a plastic bag, that has a valve that can enable the vapor to be released. A pipe is introduced into this valve and the aroma released slowly to the dish being cooked, so that it gradually absorbs the flavor.

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