Cool & Marvelous Furnishings Artwork Techniques

Hand painted furniture piece was initially crafted some 3,000 years ago in the republic of China. It climbed to peak later in the France during the supremacy of Louis XVI. However today, furnishing painting techniques involve wide range of folk art designs or styles, village scenes, chic nature images and faux finishing. These are certain to spark an idea in your mind! Read on further to find out some cool and marvelous furnishing artwork ideas or techniques:

•    Opt for Grungy Chic
For a romantic and gentle effect, consider to create a ragged chic finish. In fact, ragged or shabby chic is a kind of faux aging way wherein you sand, paint the furniture to help it give an antique look. Shabby chic shades are usually pale and feminine such as light pink, light yellow and off white. Select the colors properly and paint your furniture. After it dries, you need to sand the furniture’s edges or corners, clean it and seal with clear glaze.

•    Faux Antique
To get that antique look, start with unfinished furniture piece or the one that you had wiped and sanded completely. Apply a single coat of some light shade paint and let it dry for a while. Further, apply a dark shaded coat of a good satin paint and then clear glaze the mixture. Prior to glazing the dries, start wiping off softly by using a lint free fabric. This leaves the traces of first layer to peep in through the shiny finish to create the look of a fine and aging antique. You may even check out the Internet to find out more such ideas.

•    Whimsy
Get that old table or chair in your home and sand it. Select a latex paint in neon and bold shades and paint the chair’s or table’s legs in distinct shades. Here, you need to be as creative as possible. You may paint multi-shaded or simple geometrics or can create a chic image of your beloved pet, whimsical tree or a range of fanciful shapes and designs. Make sure to sign yours or your loved one’s name on the table or seat.

•    Adorn
Walk up to a craft shop and buy a nice set of latex based paint pens. These creative pens make it easy to paint around the corners of your furnishing as well as in creating awesome designs with increased accuracy.

Reviving your old furnishings is easy to accomplish if use the right techniques and decorative instincts.

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