Cosmetic Dentistry: Things Have Changed A Great Deal

Nothing guarantees a confident smile more than bright, white, even teeth, and advances in cosmetic dental procedures make this an achievable goal for more people every year. Modern dentistry is about more than the ugly fillings, uncomfortable plates and false teeth approach of the past. These days both essential and elective dental treatments focus as much on aesthetics as on repair.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Things Have Changed A Great Deal

What is ‘cosmetic dentistry’?

Whatever the motivation, cosmetic dental work focuses on making teeth look both good and more natural. Essential dental work includes filling cavities and replacing teeth as necessary, while non-essential treatment covers things such as teeth whitening.

Pretty much every dentist in Dublin should offer this modern approach to cosmetic dentistry, although you may wish to check with surgery staff prior to arranging an appointment.

The Advantages of Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

Although looking good is a powerful motivation in itself, contemporary cosmetic dentistry practices are also often better for your general health.

A good example of this is the changing approach to materials used for fillings. As an article in the Daily Mail points out, traditional ‘silver’ (amalgam) fillings are very obvious (read ugly) and being made from metals such as mercury makes them seem risky to many people.

‘White’ (composite) or porcelain fillings are more attractive and equally affordable, and it is not unusual for someone to choose to replace all their old fillings to improve the way their mouth looks.

The way modern cosmetic dentists deal with replacing missing teeth has also changed considerably, with fixed bridges and dental implants being preferred to dental plates and false teeth. Again, this creates a more natural look and causes much less damage to the jawbone in the long term.

Before committing to a course of dental work, do a little homework – either by asking around or doing some online research. Look at the websites of practices such as that contain clear details of services offered along with useful additional information.

Advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques have transformed attitudes to dental treatment. What was once a functional, often dreaded chore is now a lifestyle choice for many ordinary people who want to have teeth that look good and stay strong without compromising their health.

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