Cranial Osteopathy May Help Relieve Colic

The baby has to go through stress during the process of delivery. During labor contractions, the head of the infant has to deal with compression on the head when it passes thru the birth canal. As a result, the size of the head reduces. This process is termed as molding. After a few days of delivery, the baby’s head goes back to its normal position.

Most of delivery cases end up successfully. In some cases, the unmolding process does not complete and causes difficulties for the baby. The complications may include colic symptoms and excessive crying. In such situations, cranial osteopathy can prove useful.

The crying, yawning and suckling of the newborn baby boosts the unmolding process. However, in a complicated delivery cases, this process remains incomplete. In such cases, the baby has to bear pressure in his head and body. Due to this pressure, the baby may start weeping when laid down.

Colic is a condition where an otherwise healthy baby shows symptoms, such as crying, cramping and moaning. Also, the baby can bring its legs to stomach, indicating that he or she is feeling stomach pain.

Cranial osteopathy includes gentle manipulation. These techniques allow the baby to recover faster. The reign where the skull of the baby connects with the neck goes through compression. This may cause irritation to a nerve connected to the stomach, contributing to colicky symptoms.

Additionally, a certain type of diet may also cause colic in the newborn baby. Therefore, the mother should make changes to their diet plan. She should avoid spicy foods and brassicas including broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Some qualified osteopaths and Naturopaths suggest their patients to make nutritional adjustments to the diet mother’s take. Some patients have reported that the found these prescriptions helpful in helping their baby get rid of colic.

Cranial osteopathy involves gentle treatment methods, which are natural, safe and effective. According to expert osteopaths, babies tend to respond faster to treatments. So, parents should let the osteopath know whether the treatments produce any positive results or not. Normally, the treatment show results after 2-3 treatments.

A baby that cries continuously may cause great stress and frustration to parents. Colic may cause the baby to feel exhaustion, hunger, cold, hot or extreme pain. If you are unable to identify the factor that may be causing colic to your baby, then you should bathe your baby or move him or her in a circular motion. To provide relief to the baby, you may also sing a song to him or her. If the condition of the baby is serious, in other words, if the baby is showing serious symptoms of colic, then you may turn to an experienced osteopath. Most parents have found osteopathic treatments helpful in helping their babies get relief from colic. Osteopathy is safe and does not cause any side effects so you need to worry about the negative side effects of this treatment method.

Cranial osteopathy includes gentle treatment for babies. Our experienced osteopaths at Osteoworks in Auckland will help your baby to recover from the stress caused by the process of delivery.

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