Create A New Look In Your Home By Cleaning And De-Cluttering With 12 Easy Steps

Sometimes a little boost is all that is needed to change your surroundings and make your home feel fresh again. Cleaning up untidy areas and de-cluttering old unused items can really revamp your home and living space. Here are 12 tips to aid with revamping a cluttered space and create a cleaner environment.

Remove everything from a room

To start the process of revamping your home and de-cluttering your space, you need to clear the room out completely. This allows you to have a fresh start and an improved vision on how you want your new space to look. Ask yourself if you still want that stack of books and magazines to pile up against the corner wall, or is there a better storage solution for them? If you can’t take the items to a basement or outdoors, work room-by-room to get started.

Deep clean your space

Once everything is out of your room, it’s time to deep clean. Begin by dusting ceiling corners and dusty areas. Follow through with sweeping and vacuuming the remaining dirt. Using a cleaning solution with warm water, wipe down areas that have visible grime or grease stains. Wash windows and clean remaining areas in the room to improve appearance and scent.


Chelsea apartments embody a sense of style that is fresh and hip. Painting a room will add design flair that can completely change its overall look. Adding a coat of paint will freshen up a room and add appeal to the setting.

Focus on one space at a time

In order to avoid getting overwhelmed with massive amounts of clutter, focus on reorganizing one space or room at a time. Make a list that includes everything you want to have in one particular room. Stick to the list and only add items that you think would limit clutter in the room. Avoid making piles of items or stacking things up against a wall or piece of furniture.

Discard all junk

When everything is removed from a room or your entire space, now is the time to start getting rid of things you don’t need and don’t feel can be recycled. Things that need to be thrown away may include broken items or malfunctioned pieces of furniture that can’t be salvaged.


Before you put large collections of items back in a room, try to get a sense of organization first. Invest in bins or shelves that can easily separate certain things such as books or shoes. The result is a much more refined and less cluttered look and an easier way to visually find exactly what you are looking for.

Store unused items

Items that you still need to hang on to but don’t use on a regular basis, should be stored out of sight. This will not only keep your rooms clean and de-clutter certain areas, it will provide more space to create a fresh, new look in your room.

Have a place for everything

Instead of mixing and matching décor and other household items, set up a designated place for everything. You can start by creating a list of where items should go and then make sure things are always put away in the same spot.


Instead of throwing some things away such as outdated décor or clothing, consider donating to a charity.

Change out worn out items

Get rid of worn out furniture and replace with new items. Old furniture can harbor dust mites and discourage you from changing the décor of a room.

Declutter frequently

Keep up on a clutter free home. Choose weekly or monthly times to repeat throwing out old items or visiting the recycle center.

Create a no-clutter zone

Create one area in your home that is clutter-free. Don’t allow mail or items from shopping trips to pile up. Put them away in their place.

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