Creating A Roadside Assistance Emergency Kit

No matter if you’re simply driving down the street or embarking on a cross-country adventure, you never know when you may run into car trouble. Whether you’re driving a brand new vehicle or one that is several years old, running into car troubles at some point or another is inevitable. While most situations are able to be handled with very little trouble, others can be a large concern. By creating a roadside emergency kit, you will be prepared for nearly any situation that you may encounter while broken down on the side of the road. By keeping these few basic items with you at all times while on the road, they can help you to get back onto the road quicker than you would have imagined without having the tools readily available.

Basics of a Roadside Emergency Kit
Cell Phone Having a cell phone on you at all times can truly help you out in any type of situation. The first step that you may opt to take after running into car trouble is to call your roadside assistance company such as AAA. While these helpful companies can get you back onto the road eventually, you may be stuck waiting in a desolate area for a long period of time. Not only will your cell phone keep you sane while waiting for their arrival, but it also enables you to call for help in the event of an emergency situation while you’re broken down. It is always recommended to pull over before making a phone call. Be sure to carry a car charger with you that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter in the event that your cell phone’s battery becomes low.

Fire Extinguisher While we’d like to think that it could never happen, fires can actually start faster than you can blink. Leaking oil or a short circuit somewhere in your wiring can cause your vehicle to go up in flames. Keep a fire extinguisher handy to dose a small flame that may occur.

Jack and Lug Wrench If your vehicle does not already have these items, you will want to add them to your roadside assistance kit. A jack and lug wrench can be used to change a flat tire, one of the most common issues that many face when having car trouble. A flat tire can easily be changed by yourself if you have the right tools and a spare.

Jumper Cables Jumper cables can bring your car back to life if the battery happens to die. If a second car is willing to help you out, simply hook up the jumper cables and get back onto the road.

Flashlight A flashlight can help you to see in the dark or in extreme weather conditions.

First-Aid Kit Some roadside troubles can lead to potential injuries. Keep a first-aid kit handy with bandages, gauze and disinfectants to clean up your wounds.

Tire Gauge A tire gauge enables you to check the pressure in each one of your tires.

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