Creating An Efficient Distribution Centre

Distribution centres are a core element of the logistics sector. They enable manufacturers and retailers to store large amounts of stock in one place, ready for distribution to customers or stores. Running an efficient operation is crucial and businesses which want to make significant changes to improve efficiency levels need to look at all areas of their operation.

Creating An Efficient Distribution Centre

Review Current Operations

There are a range of efficiency and quality measures employed by distribution centres to assess their performance. The most common metrics that are used are assessing the number of on time shipments, the accuracy of order filling and the average capacity in the warehouse that is used. These are all features that can reduce efficiency levels if they are not carried out correctly.

When you’re looking to increase efficiency within a distribution centre, it’s important to focus first on the core areas to see where improvements could be made. This includes how goods are received, where they are stored, how they are picked, the order consolidation process and shipping policies.

You should be focusing on where the system can become congested and the methods you can employ to prevent this happening. Once you’ve addressed these areas and made the necessary alterations, you should move on to other areas of fulfilment, such as the use of pallet systems and pallet wrappers.

More Efficient Pallet Systems

With the growth in online retail, it’s more important than ever to run an efficient storage facility. A survey carried out by YouGov highlighted that 67% of online shoppers will simply go elsewhere if a retailer doesn’t have the goods in stock.

Palletised systems can allow you to store more items in a smaller space; thereby reducing the risk of stock shortages. These can then be moved quickly and efficiently with the use of handling equipment to trucks or other parts of the storage facility. In order to reduce the impact of damaged stock, which can also reduce efficiency, you can buy packaging and pallet wrappers here. These help to contain the goods during transportation and storage.

With a more efficient distribution centre you will be better able to meet the needs of your customers. You will be able to store more goods in the same amount of space and products can be delivered on time and more accurately, which will improve customer satisfaction.

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