Cruel Intentions: Will Hidden Cameras Find The Truth?

Knowing who we can and cannot trust is always difficult and often something we have to decide for ourselves and trust in love and relationships can be the hardest when you know that it’s your heart on the line. This story should have been a romantic one of love found later in life but unfortunately, as the client found out, love is not always what we want it to be.

The Situation
This couple started their relationship when they became romantically involved after chatting over the internet for several months. When they finally agreed to meet they hit it off straight away and have been living together ever since. However, approaching their third anniversary together, the client was beginning to have some doubts about the man she had let into her life and was beginning to question how much she really knew about him and whether or not their whole relationship was just too good to be true. This questioning was initially instigated by some strange behaviour that she began to notice in her partner and the bad feeling she just can never seem to shake.

Initial Doubts
The first episodes of odd behaviour that really unsettled the client were a series of very aggressive and almost defensive phone calls between herself and her partner. These calls would then be followed by very strange behaviour which seemed to be trying to overcompensate for the phone calls that came before. These whole episodes would make the client very uneasy and wary of what her partner was up to and the reasons for their secretive and upsetting behaviour. This cycle continued to the point where the client was not always sure how to approach her partner for fear of upsetting or provoking him.

First Frustrations
After dealing with this unusual and unpredictable behaviour for several months, the client decided that she needed to know if her doubts were in her head or if there was anything substantial to them and so made contact with us. After consultation with her, our operatives felt that the best course of action would be to initially gather as much information as possible on the individual to verify all the information that he had passed on to the client about himself. We encountered our first hitch at this point as we were attempting to confirm his identity when we failed to discover any information to corroborate with the details he had given. This suggested a false identity.

What Next?
Following these concerning results, we hastened the search for his true identity in the hope of finding out more about him and what reasons he might have for creating a fraudulent persona. Alongside this, we decided that the most important next step to find out more about the suspicious phone calls would be to find out who he was contacting as he refused to tell the client or would hastily make up a lie or false identity when she questioned him. We did this by installing hidden cameras into the home to monitor the phone calls made and his behaviour. We hoped to find out as much information as possible.

Sad Conclusion
With these cameras all set on finding out the truth, it was not long before results were attained. Unfortunately the results were not what we or the client had been hoping to find. It was discovered that the target had been living under a false identity since making contact with the client and, as the phone calls revealed, had done so in the hope of taking her finances. We found that the phone calls had been to a sibling and friends who were in similar pursuits of other individuals. Thankfully we were able to warn them and all relationships were concluded without financial loss.

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