Dance Your Way To A Healther 2013

Dancing has traditionally been viewed as a hobby by most people, an activity to participate in with friends or family for fun or even on a competitive level. However these days many people are turning to dance as a form of exercise, participating in more up tempo dance styles and really pushing their bodies to their physical limits. Here is a look at some of the ways you can dance yourself to healthier you.


Zumba is a dance workout routine that officially originated in Colombia in the 1990’s and has a very Latin musical influence. The music played at Zumba classes is usually a very high tempo and this is reflected by the pace of a regular workout. A regular Zumba routine offers a great way to exercise while dancing and requires movement from all the muscle groups in the body. According to Zumba Fitness, one of the leading Zumba organisations in the world, approximately 14 million people take part in weekly classes, making it one of the most popular dance activities on the planet, especially considering the relative youth of this dance workout.


This dance style is directly related to, and very often performed alongside, the very popular Latin American music style known as Salsa. This style is more commonly known than Zumba as it has been around much longer; the exact date that Salsa was ‘created’ is very unclear however it became popular around the 1920’s. Once again this Latin spiced dance style will more often than not require you to move at a high tempo, depending on which of the various styles in which you are participating. Another key aspect of Salsa is that it is usually performed with a partner. If you are looking for a dance activity to take part in as a couple, then this is definitely for you. Classes can be found almost anywhere, with varying degrees of ability from beginner to advanced.

Do It Yourself Dance

Not everyone intending to lose weight and get healthy feels comfortable attending dance classes, even more so in the beginning stage of a health regime. If this is the case then I would recommend getting one of the various dance games that are available for most games consoles, or even a DVD, and dancing right there in the comfort of your own home. These games have become very popular in the past five years, even more so as games console manufacturers bring out new technology to get gamers up from the sofa and actively involved in the game. You can compete with family members and make this form of exercise seem like a fun activity rather than a health craze burden.

Getting active with dance is easy. You can look for classes in your local area or simply shift the coffee table out of the way and take on your family members in a little competitive dancing in front of the TV. Either way will provide you with a fun time while losing the extra pounds you no longer wish to carry around with you.

Nikki Edwards, our guest writer today, is a freelance copywriter and keen dancer, contributing today on behalf of Dancewear Central.

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