Dating A French Guy In Paris

Paris is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world. The cold air, beautiful lights, the majestic Eiffel Tower, the gardens of Versailles, the food and the wine—they are truly more than enough for you to dream of romance. The good news is a lot of French guys are more than happy to meet someone like you.

But before you consider dating any of the French men, get to know more about their dating cultures and behaviours first. This way, you know what to expect from them:

French men tend to get seriously quickly. For the French men, it is not impossible to have a girlfriend they can bring home to their family within the week. This is because they don’t fool around when it comes to relationships, unless they have the notion that you could be cheating or seeing others in a romantic way. They may try to beat you with that. Nevertheless, the French often consider kissing, hugging, and holding hands as actions of couples only. Unless you say no to any of these, you can be tagged as their girlfriend during their holiday.

They love to talk. In fact, the French love to teach you so many things about their country and their culture, and sometimes many of them expect that you know how to speak at least the basics of their language. That is why they make such fantastic tour guides. They also don’t mind walking stretches of streets and avenues. They can basically accompany you everywhere, and if you want some more people, they can call on their friends.

You can also find them in group dates. In Paris, it’s not dating unless he personally asks you for dinner, lunch, or any activity that limits to both of you. However, you can give yourself the opportunity to be asked by joining group dates. There are a lot of great group activities in Paris, from cooking classes to checking out museums and libraries. Some chic cafes are also notorious for being regular spots for solo travelers and locals who want to meet each other.

They love to flirt. What they say is true: French men are incredibly romantic, and they begin by flirting with you heavily. They look at you straight in the eyes when you’re talking, they rub your arms, walk with you until you get home, call you many times during the day, shower you with food and other gifts, etc. If you flirt back, then it only means you’re also interested in them. In fact, you are seriously considering having a serious relationship.

They prefer honesty. The French are very blunt people, and they expect you to be the same with them. If you are simply looking for a holiday fling or a short-term companionship, then make sure that you can be very clear about it even before you go out on multiple dates. This also ensures only those French guys who think like you go out with you.

Raivis Binde is founder of SoloTurist – social networking site. He writes a travel blog for people who don’t want to travel alone.

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