Declutter Your Home This New Year

For many, New Year can feel a little depressing. We’ve overindulged, blown all our money and the long, cold month seems to last forever. If you’re not one for making resolutions, why not cleanse your mind and home with a New Year clear out that you can stick to. Here are some simple ways you can bring some fengshui into your life in 2018:

1 Recycle more

If recycling for you has always been a half-hearted attempt, then make 2018 the year you unleash ‘green living’ in your home.Make it easy for everyone to know which bins take what items, put up signs if you need to. Have a good tidy up and clear out and take a visit to your nearest recycling center with any items that can’t go in your weekly collection.

Declutter Your Home This New Year

2 Clean Easy

If cleaning is not an activity you enjoy, then make life easy by always having cleaning products and materials to hand. If you need to go searching for stuff, it’s too easy to get distracted! This will also encourage you to ‘clean as you go’, meaning you won’t have to stage an all-day deep clean once a month! Having products in each room makes it so much easier to deal with all those annoying domestic chores.

3 Cut the clutter

After the excess of Christmas, you might need room to store all your new goodies, so the New Year is the perfect time for a decluttering session. Every home has items stuck in cupboards that haven’t seen daylight for years. Take it out, bag it up and get rid. If there’s also a loft, shed or garage full, then you might want to consider Swansea Skip Hire from

Declutter Your Home This New Year

4 Storage Solutions

Some household items just make the place look untidy. Rethinking your storage options is a simple yet incredibly effective way of making it look like you have more space. One attractive idea is to stash things like books, magazines, shoes or DVDs into a variety of woven baskets. Clear the space on your worktops and table surfaces for a roomier feel. You’ll find tons of handy space-saving ideas online.

5 Tidy up your Finances

Sounds like the hassle but is there a better time than long, dark winter nights to get your finances sorted? Some time spent tidying up your household budget could potentially save you a heap of cash in 2018.You could compare energy tariffs, look at how to save money on your food bill and make your money work smarter in the New Year.

6 Paperless

Sick of seeing piles of paper everywhere? All that useful junk mail and statements you never look at – make it all go away by switching to doing everything online. Stop hoarding those old magazines you never read and put them in the recycling!