Designer Swimwear In Styles That Bring The Beach Home

Can anything be better than getting away from everything for a while? Getting out of the city and onto the beach? Certainly not! Especially not in January when everything around us seems just a little bit duller. Planning a beach trip can help blow away the winter gray and help you to blast your spirits with color. When you imagine that a part of that glorious color will be you wearing designer swimwear loaded with vibrancy and style, you will know that you are ready to hit the beach and leave everything else behind. Designer swimwear beats department store swimsuits hands down in the way that they combine colors, patterns and fabrics into style that you won’t find just anywhere.

You can’t think of the beach without thinking of the colors you see there. Sky blues, silvery whites, combine with turquoise as the ocean meets the sky.  The golden sands and the emerald greens of the palm trees balance the picture. Shimmering corals and fuchsias, reds, yellows and oranges contrast clean fresh white all over the landscape. Designer swimwear from Maaji shows all these colors in a lively new way never before seen in a swimsuit. Maaji suits are light and playful and will showcase your lively, playful side. The beautiful, vibrant seaside colors of these swimsuits put them ahead of the plain, monochromatic styles found in most mainstream department stores.

The patterns in these designer swimsuits are equally vibrant and reminiscent of the beach. Checks and florals, swirls and splashes, all show off the hot energy of a day at the beach.  Just looking at them is enough to get you ready to start off on planning your beach getaway. Another thing that sets off the patterns in designer swimwear, making it a cut above the ordinary, is the detailing. Many of the suits have been given extra special touches such as beautiful delicate beadwork and sewn in gold charms. Ruffles and scallops that edge the suits or decorate the straps and ties lend both charm and glamour and a little touch of the waves patterning the shoreline.

The main thing about designer swimwear that sets it apart is the fabrics and the cuts. They are designed for more than beauty. They are functional, and comfortable. They are designed by designers who know what they want in a swimsuit. Your swimsuit needs to fit perfectly and look like it was made for you. It shouldn’t ride up or down, and it shouldn’t pull or tug in any of the wrong directions. The fabric must be beautiful and luxurious but durable. After all, a day at the beach is about relaxing and feeling comfortable and beautiful. You don’t want to feel that your swimsuit isn’t on your side but with designer swimwear, you will be able to find the suit for you.

Styles and cuts make all the difference. While it is true that trying on, buying and wearing swimsuits can make women feel a little bit shy or self-conscious, it is also true that shopping for swimwear can be fun and rewarding when you find the one that’s right for you. Designer swimwear comes in different styles and cuts to flatter every figure. Choose from cheeky, short-short-short bottoms, or something with more moderate coverage at the back. Longer bottoms include skirts and regular shorts for even more modesty. Tops can vary their styles also, with low cuts or bandeau styles. Choose a bandeau with ruffles or a scanty, plunging halter neck. Although we have been mostly talking about bikinis…the bikini is, after all, the bathing suit for the beach, one-piece suits can be beautiful and flattering for all figures. They can be as sexy as a two-piece as well, with the details, patterns and fabrics. Cut-outs on the sides make them irresistible.

Choose the bathing suit that’s right for you and the beach getaway you are dreaming about. Shopping for designer swimwear starts the fun from home. You will find the suit that was meant for you and when you wear it you will know. Feel the luxury, enjoy the patterns, details and take comfort in the fit of your new suit. Most of all, relish the colors and bring the beach home with your new designer swimwear.

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