Designing Your Child’s Dream Nursery

In your home, your child’s nursery is one of the few places where you can go wild with your design scheme. Your children will love a colorful, fun nursery with imaginative decorations.

For the walls of your child’s nursery, keep it colorful. Using a boy or girl-themed color scheme is a tried-and-true, traditional option. Some ideas for boy-themed wall colors are any shade of blue, taupe, tan, dark brown or dark green. Girl-themed rooms generally include any shade of pink, light or pale yellow, or any shade of purple.

Recently, nurseries have been styled in a more modern way, without being centered on the baby’s gender. So, if you aren’t finding out the sex of your baby beforehand, or if you just want the nursery to be more gender neutral, there are lots of wall color options. A white nursery or a nursery with light, neutral colors will create a calming atmosphere. On the other hand, mixes of vibrant colors like blues and oranges or purples and greens will keep the nursery’s walls fun without giving away your child’s gender.

Furniture & Decorations
The most important furniture item in your child’s nursery is definitely the crib. Most families decide on a standard-sized crib, so that their child will be able to sleep in it as they grow. Some families, though, choose a bassinet or Moses basket for the earliest months in their child’s life. This style of bed is more womb-like and comfortable for newborns.

Some other common nursery furniture pieces are dressers, changing tables, and a rocking chair or recliner. It’s helpful to have your child’s changing table and dresser close to each other in the nursery, so that it’s easy to grab clean baby clothes during a changing. For your nursery’s chair, make sure it’s comfortable enough to spend long hours in rocking and holding your baby. Also, don’t place it too far from the crib so that you can easily move your baby from the chair to the crib once they’ve fallen asleep.

The flooring in your child’s nursery should be comfortable and safe. Make sure that the flooring in your baby’s nursery – and the cleaning products you use on that flooring – are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals. Hardwood flooring will add an upscale look to your nursery, but you may want to add some area rugs to the nursery if its floors are hardwood. This will make it a much more comfortable environment for your child once they start crawling and walking. If you select carpet flooring, it is important to vaccuum reguarly to ensure dangerous dust particles are removed.

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