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 DICOM Capability

If your medical practice needs to update your equipment for DICOM capability, there are many different equipment packages that can help you to accomplish this conversion quickly and easily. While dicom conversion is not difficult, it is important to choose the right equipment to meet your needs.

What Does DICOM Conversion Offer?

DICOM conversion offers an economical and environmentally friendly way to convert your equipment safely. This reduces your practice’s costs and the amount of waste. As medical professionals, it can be difficult dealing with the many different types of video and image formats that are available and being used in the industry.

It is vital that all medical images are clear, concise, and easily read. This can literally be a life or death situation. By completing a DICOM conversion, your medical practice will receive the maximum amount of image availability along with the largest number of supported platforms for ease of use.

There are two different versions of DICOM conversion equipment. Depending on your medical practice’s needs, you may need one or both of these:


These boxes offer a universal interface that allows all users to connect non-DICOM equipment to a PACS print network. There are several different models to meet the different needs of most medical office equipment.

* CA-Video to DICOM – This allows you to add a network connection to any of the video-based images.

* CA + -Cine to DICOM – This box allows users to have the ability to view more dynamic images along with cinematic loops.

* DVI – Digital to DICON – This allows you to add a network capability to any existing host and offers a digital laser output like no other.

The TIMS Systems

These systems are light and very easy to use. They offer DR cassette conversion that is fast and reliable. The TIMS systems come in different models that provide increasingly powerful interfaces to meet your conversion needs. They are available in:

* TIMS DICOM Gateway Software

* TIMS 500 DICOM System

* TIMS 1000 DICOM System

* TIMS 2000 DICOM System

No matter what your DICOM conversion needs are, you can quickly and easily find the support that you need in these equipment packages. There is no reason to continue to struggle with your old and outdated systems, when DICOM conversion can bring your equipment up to date and functioning more efficiently than ever before.

This can help to update your chiropractic equipment as well as your cr systems to give your office added flexibility in radiography imaging. Now, you can give better diagnoses to your patients, with the ability to offer them precise treatment options.

DICOM conversion is quick and easy and will immediately help you to view your images with a better support option. Now, you will no longer have to deal with the frustrations of multiple imaging and can effortlessly convert each image into a high definition viewable format that can be easily networked to other health professionals as needed. DICOM conversion can save your medical office time, money, and energy.

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