Did Your Advertising Strategy Expire?

A strong advertising campaign can mean the difference between your company’s success and failure. Advertising in today’s marketplace has significantly changed from the ways things were done even as recently as ten years ago. A great deal of the shift has been caused by the explosion of the Internet and the massive exposure it’s capable of bringing to a product or service. Today businesses across the world are using company websites, social media and mobile apps more often to help bring customers to them.

Take for example, Barry LaBov, the president and CEO of LaBov and Beyond Marketing Communications, Inc. For over 30 years he has shown success in mastering the latest advertising tools. He understands that creating an app for your business can enhance your brand, engage your customers and help generate more profits for you. That is just one way you can use advertising to your advantage.

Evaluating Your Advertising Techniques
One of the best ways to gain new customers and maintain the ones you have is through advertising. You should evaluate your company’s advertising techniques on a regular basis to ensure they haven’t gone stale. Considering how quickly things constantly change in this technologically driven environment, analyzing what’s working for you and what’s not may be the thing that sets you apart from the competition. The following are some advertising ideas:

  • Print: Unless you’re offering a discount on your ad, you should aim to keep it visually appealing – a photo with someone looking directly at the ‘audience’ and simplified wording (i.e. bullet lists) can go a long way.
  • Radio: The first few seconds are the most important for radio ads. Timing is also key – you want to make sure it broadcasts at a time that your target audience tends to be listening. Additionally, listeners tend to respond better to ads that are read by DJs they are familiar with.
  • Television: Due to the high rates of securing a good time slot, most companies will use TV ads for the introduction or reposition of their brand. Also keep in mind that TV ads have been losing their might in recent years because of things like DVRs.
  • Internet: Last, but certainly not least, is Internet adverts. This can be one of the most cost effective and far reaching methods. For your company to show up first in search engine results, keyword and link placement are vital when it comes to Web-based advertising. Taking advantage of free social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is also a must.

It’s leaders like Barry LaBov who are able to harness their imagination and the current techniques and tools around them, who are able to use advertising to take their business to the next level.  You should evaluate your advertising strategy every so often to ensure it’s working to its fullest.

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