Diesel Is Not Just For Trucks

When you hear about the advantages of a diesel fuel, your mind probably goes directly to a big commercial diesel trucks. But the benefits of diesel don’t just apply to trucks. Passenger cars can be diesel too. The fuel injection technology used in diesel cars has even been around for longer than you might realize.  You will not only be able to find diesel cars in new car dealer showrooms, but also in many more used car lots than you might imagine.

In fact, there are many quality car dealers that would be glad to explain to you the advantages of having a diesel engine in your car. The three top benefits of a new or used diesel car include:

  1. Better fuel economy. Diesel cars can deliver up to 30 percent more fuel economy than cars that run on gasoline. And who doesn’t want to spend less time at the pump? Some crafty people have even converted their diesel engines to run on vegetable oil for even more efficiency.
  2. Longer lasting engines. Diesel engines run better and last longer. This is important to know when shopping for a new or used car, as you can generally rely on a diesel engine to continue running well for many years to come.
  3. More power. Diesel cars have a reputation for more torque, which means more power on the road. If you are looking to pull boats or other equipment behind your car, diesel vehicles are tough to beat.

These three benefits combined mean that your diesel car will last longer, give you more versatility and save you money over the long life of the vehicle.

If you are looking to save money, it makes even more sense to seek out a previously-owned used diesel car since you won’t have to deal with the initial high cost of the engine. (Used diesel cars are generally much more affordable—and because they have been operated over time, the depreciation cost of the new engine has usually been accounted for by the previous owner.)

Diesel used cars can be found in many makes and models, including Volkswagon Jetta, Chrysler Jeeps, Dodge Rams and even Ford passenger trucks. Even better, over the years these automakers have designed their diesel options to have better performance and much higher quality. The days of owning a diesel car that belches smoke and drives loudly and badly are long gone.

Diesels are smart investments for the savvy car shopper

In short, diesel used cars are a smart investment for economy-minded drivers. Many ads, like the one on this Payne Auto Group Brownsville TX site, under “Used Cars”, “Got Diesel?”, clearly highlight the great gas mileage of diesel cars. If you are looking for the many great diesel car options available for you to choose from, you won’t have far to look.

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